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Root Cause Thyroid Treatment

I touched briefly on causes of thyroid disease a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to dive in a little bit more.  There have been dozens of root causes identified. For those not familiar with the term “root cause,” think about a tree.  If a tree has healthy and strong roots- what’s going to… Continue reading Root Cause Thyroid Treatment

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What types of thyroid disease exist and what are the common treatment options?

Unfortunately most people with thyroid disease are wrongly diagnosed. Discover the types of thyroid disease and the wide array of treatment options.

Thyroid Disease Series- Part 4- The hundreds of symptoms connected to thyroid disease
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The Symptoms of Thyroid Disease/ Dysfunction

Did you know many thyroid patients report that it took them many years and multiple visits to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis?  Why is this? Most likely, it’s because many thyroid symptoms are vague and there is some debate among practitioners about “normal” vs “optimal” lab rates. Did You Know There are Hundreds… Continue reading The Symptoms of Thyroid Disease/ Dysfunction

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Thyroid Lab Work- Why your doctor probably won’t order the right labs & what to ask for instead

Welcome back to our thyroid disease series.  Last time, we looked at what the thyroid is and some of its functions within our bodies.  Today let’s talk a bit about thyroid lab work and the process for getting a proper diagnosis. Many patients with thyroid disease report that it took them 5+ doctors to *finally*… Continue reading Thyroid Lab Work- Why your doctor probably won’t order the right labs & what to ask for instead

Thyroid Disease Series Part 1- What is the thyroid and what does it do?
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What is the Thyroid and What Does it Do?

More than 1/4 of females in the United States have thyroid disease, experts this it's much higher. A knowledge of thyroid health and function is essential...

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Brain Frogs

Have you heard of “brain fog”? It’s kind of a funny term but makes sense. Brain fog seems to be coming up more and more on lists of symptoms. As I’ve tried to heal my root cause of autoimmune disease in the last few years, I’ve seen brain fog listed as a thyroid symptom, a… Continue reading Brain Frogs

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On Anxiety and Sleep Deprivation

One aspect of the last few months I haven’t shared as much has been anxiety & the inability to get enough sleep. Some of this is connected to EMFs, but it also seems to be par for the course in dealing with mold and detox. Extreme levels of stress can also lead to anxiety and… Continue reading On Anxiety and Sleep Deprivation