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What types of thyroid disease exist and what are the common treatment options?

What thyroid diseases are there?  What’s the difference between them?

Thyroid Disease Series
Part 5-
Types of Thyroid Disease & Treatment Options

Hypothyroid is the most common thyroid disease- this is the most commonly diagnosed condition, a low thyroid

Hyperthyroid– an overactive thyroid

Hashimoto’s– autoimmune low thyroid

Graves– autoimmune overactive thyroid.

It is estimated most people with thyroid disease have an autoimmune component.  Not many practitioners test the autoimmune component so exact numbers are hard to find.  Additionally, it is suspected that a vast amount of additional autoimmune diseases are rooted in thyroid disease.  It’s wise to have a full thyroid panel drawn anytime any other autoimmune disease is present.

What are the treatment options for thyroid diseases?

Thyroid disease should always be cared for under a skilled practitioner.  There are many options available which you can talk to your provider about.  Regular lab work is crucial to monitor results. Many alternative medicine practitioners say it takes one month of healing for every year of damage.  I was born with a damaged thyroid to a mother with a damaged thyroid. This is why my healing has taken so long- (the mold exposure also contributed to a delay in my healing… more on that at another time )

Dietary changes, especially removing gluten, soy & inflammatory foods often help significantly.

Thyroid replacement medications are available via prescription, both synthetic and natural options exist

Essential oils, these should be used with caution by someone well trained (NOT an MLM representative but an aromatherapist from an accredited program) but can have good results.

Adaptogenic herbs such as tulsi, ashwagandha, and Reishi are often used by herbalists.  These should only be used with the help of someone highly trained.

Constitutional homeopathic care, which is my preferred treatment plan.  This must be done under the care of a classical homeopath. Homeopathy can put thyroid disease into remission but it takes time and commitment on the patient’s part- as with any of these healing modalities.

Managingstress is often beneficial for thyroid patients.  Many patients report a decrease in symptoms when stress levels go down, and with meditation and yoga.

Neural retraining may also be of benefit.  Thyroid disease sometimes occurs after times of trauma and may also bring along other mental and physical issues that can benefit from neural retraining.

Supplementation of vitamins and minerals which are determined to be low from lab work.

Gut healing is often quite beneficial in combination with the above suggestions. GAPS or AIP can be incredibly helpful for some people.

In extreme cases, the thyroid may be removed.  This often leads to a whole host of other issues and, in my opinion, should be avoided at all possible costs.

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any health issues.  A healthcare practitioner should always be consulted if you have concerns about your health.

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