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Root Cause Thyroid Treatment

I touched briefly on causes of thyroid disease a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to dive in a little bit more.  There have been dozens of root causes identified. For those not familiar with the term “root cause,” think about a tree.  If a tree has healthy and strong roots- what’s going to… Continue reading Root Cause Thyroid Treatment

Thyroid Disease Series- Part 4- The hundreds of symptoms connected to thyroid disease
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The Symptoms of Thyroid Disease/ Dysfunction

Did you know many thyroid patients report that it took them many years and multiple visits to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis?  Why is this? Most likely, it’s because many thyroid symptoms are vague and there is some debate among practitioners about “normal” vs “optimal” lab rates. Did You Know There are Hundreds… Continue reading The Symptoms of Thyroid Disease/ Dysfunction