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Root Cause Thyroid Treatment

I touched briefly on causes of thyroid disease a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to dive in a little bit more.  There have been dozens of root causes identified.

For those not familiar with the term “root cause,” think about a tree.  If a tree has healthy and strong roots- what’s going to happen? You’ll have a healthy strong tree. But if disease or disturbance enters in at the roots what happens?  The entire tree is affected. Usually, we don’t see what’s happening at the roots but we can see the effect when something gets to the roots.

Thyroid Disease Series Part 6- The Root Causes of Thyroid Disease

Root cause treatment for thyroid disease depends on the practitioner.  An MD, endocrinologist or any other more Western-medicine focused doctor is not going to be concerned with the root cause.  Most likely they’ll have received little to no training in addressing the root cause. Naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, osteopaths, and other alternative care providers will “go after” your root cause(s).  They’ll work hard to identify what these may be and determine how to repair the damage done and remove the cause. Homeopaths are not concerned with the root cause- they’ll take in as much information as possible during your intake including what you think caused the thyroid problem but won’t specifically target your root cause.

Practitioners will often choose to address and treat the root cause before even attempting any thyroid medication on treatment.  Healing of the root cause can take time. A general rule of thumb is one month of healing for every year of damage. For those dealing with heavy metal toxicity, mold recovery, or chronic infection it can take 1-3 months per year of damage.  Sometimes healing the root cause stalls out because an additional issue presents itself.

Healing the root cause can be an effective way to manage thyroid disease recovery.  It requires a significant commitment of time and investment- it will not be a quick fix… no healing journey will be.  Western Medicine has trained us to “take a pill and call me in the morning.” This approach has trained us to expect overnight results.  This is not true healing, it’s suppression of symptoms which can result in drastically more problems in the long run. Those who choose to treat their root cause, or heal the thyroid naturally, will be in for a journey of several months if not years.  It’s a big commitment to be sure.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll share about my healing journey including my experiences chasing after my “root causes” and why I choose to no longer pursue that route.

Make sure to check out this post to dive into some of the root causes.  Dozens more exist. Taking a look at the root cause can be incredibly eye-opening in moving forward with healing, even if one chooses to not directly treat them.

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