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Brain Frogs

Have you heard of “brain fog”? It’s kind of a funny term but makes sense. Brain fog seems to be coming up more and more on lists of symptoms. As I’ve tried to heal my root cause of autoimmune disease in the last few years, I’ve seen brain fog listed as a thyroid symptom, a candida symptom, a mold exposure symptom, a parasite symptom, a symptom of EMF exposure, a symptom of sleep deprivation, a symptom of food intolerance/ allergies, etc. etc. etc.

Brain fog is things like clouded thinking, inability to concentrate, inability to recall the correct word/ using the wrong word, using the wrong letter when writing or leaving out a letter, lack of focus, and a general feeling of a”fog” in your mind making your mind not function the way you know that it should.

It is frustrating. It’s also common with detox, sleep deprivation and stress.
People, for the first time every all 3 of us are experiencing brain fog. I have dealt with it on and off for the last few years. My hubby has had occasional brain fog. And my son has rarely ever experienced it.
As frustrating as it is for my son, it’s also adorable. Thus we arrive at “brain frog.” My hubby said something ‘wrong’ and my son said: “Daddy, you have bad brain frog.” Obviously, this was not the word he was wanting. We were cracking up because it was like brain fog responding to brain fog. We’re all detoxing, our bodies are trying to figure out how to live without the mold, & my doctor said it would be a similar experience to withdraw in our bodies.

My tips for surviving “brain frog:”

Keep a pen and paper with you at all times, write things down as soon as you think of them. Make sure to write things down with specific details. I frequently write on my To-Do list & it’s too vague, then my foggy brain can’t recall what the heck it was trying to communicate.
Stay offline/ away from screens. EMFs make brain fog so much worse. As does screen time, especially within 2 hours of bedtime. The blue light emitted by screens screws up people’s ability to sleep… lack of sleep = more brain fog. When we watch TV, our brains are less active than they are when we’re sleeping. Try to talk to a person who is engaged in a TV show and doesn’t have your full attention- that’s the ultimate example of brain fog.
Eat lots of healthy fats. My brain fog gets SO much worse when I don’t get to eat enough fats. In the last few weeks, my body hasn’t been tolerating as much fat and my brain is starting for it. Healthy fats are awesome for you- feed your brain!!!
Sleep. At least 8 hours. Simple as that.
Hydrate. Our brains are mostly water. When we get dehydrated it affects every single system in our bodies and our brains. I’ve found some days when I’m especially foggy that drinking a big glass of water with a dash of pink salt added helps a lot.
Homeopathy and flower remedies. There are a few remedies that can help SO much with brain fog. I’m confident one particular remedy helped keep me functional in the first couple weeks after moving out of the mold. It’s best to consult with a homeopath or to do plenty of research to match your symptoms.
Alternate nostril breathing. Oh, people, this is such a magical brain fog and stress-relief tip. It looks kind of ridiculous but makes me feel amazing. Check out this great video from Yoga With Adrienne to learn more about how to do this practice.
Essential oils. There are lots of great oils that can help with brain fog. I like the focus (it cannot be used alongside homeopathy, however) and meditation blends from Barefut oils
Evaluate. There are many other tips out there, these are some of my favorites. People who find themselves foggy frequently should make sure to evaluate their sleep, screen time, adrenal health, and diet. Brain fog often creeps up quickly when people react to a food.
Get outside!!!!! Sunshine is magical people. Get more of it and enjoy the benefits.
I hope this helps you understand more about “brain fog” and ways to deal with it.
Here’s to a brain froggy-free world and making the most of how adorable six-year-olds with brain fog can be.

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