Thyroid Disease Series: Part 8- My Healing Journey

My Thyroid Healing Story

I find it can be helpful to hear other’s stories.  Today I’d like to share my journey of thyroid healing with you.  This could easily be several posts in and of itself. I will try to keep it brief but feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or want more information.… Continue reading My Thyroid Healing Story

Thyroid Disease Series Part 7- Finding a Knowledgeable Practitioner
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How to Find a Practitioner Knowledgeable in Thyroid Health

Next to "I just got diagnosed with thyroid disease and I don't want to go on medication, what should I do??" I am most often asked "How do I find a doctor to work with?!?" We live in an era where more information than ever is available at our fingertips. So we naturally assume our… Continue reading How to Find a Practitioner Knowledgeable in Thyroid Health

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Root Cause Thyroid Treatment

I touched briefly on causes of thyroid disease a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to dive in a little bit more.  There have been dozens of root causes identified. For those not familiar with the term “root cause,” think about a tree.  If a tree has healthy and strong roots- what’s going to… Continue reading Root Cause Thyroid Treatment

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What types of thyroid disease exist and what are the common treatment options?

Unfortunately most people with thyroid disease are wrongly diagnosed. Discover the types of thyroid disease and the wide array of treatment options.

Thyroid Disease Series- Part 4- The hundreds of symptoms connected to thyroid disease
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The Symptoms of Thyroid Disease/ Dysfunction

Did you know many thyroid patients report that it took them many years and multiple visits to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis?  Why is this? Most likely, it’s because many thyroid symptoms are vague and there is some debate among practitioners about “normal” vs “optimal” lab rates. Did You Know There are Hundreds… Continue reading The Symptoms of Thyroid Disease/ Dysfunction

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Why is Thyroid Disease Such an Epidemic? Looking at possible causes of thyroid problems

With approximately ¼ of the female population experiencing thyroid disease or dysfunction, we have to ask ourselves “what’s going on??” Some of the root causes include...

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Thyroid Lab Work- Why your doctor probably won’t order the right labs & what to ask for instead

Welcome back to our thyroid disease series.  Last time, we looked at what the thyroid is and some of its functions within our bodies.  Today let’s talk a bit about thyroid lab work and the process for getting a proper diagnosis. Many patients with thyroid disease report that it took them 5+ doctors to *finally*… Continue reading Thyroid Lab Work- Why your doctor probably won’t order the right labs & what to ask for instead

Thyroid Disease Series Part 1- What is the thyroid and what does it do?
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What is the Thyroid and What Does it Do?

More than 1/4 of females in the United States have thyroid disease, experts this it's much higher. A knowledge of thyroid health and function is essential...

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The unexplained illness….

It's been kind of a stressful few days here in the trees.  For a few weeks I've been feeling run down and tired.  It hasn't been enough for me to feel like a trip to do the Doctor was in order but mostly felt like my body was asking for more rest.  I was sleeping… Continue reading The unexplained illness….