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My AIP meals on vacation!

Hi everyone! We just returned from 4 days at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, CO.  We were fortunate to have a lodge room with a mini fridge and a microwave as well as to be there with my in-laws who had a camper w/ a kitchen.  I packed up loads of food and was able… Continue reading My AIP meals on vacation!

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Homemade Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is one of my AIP favorite treats. A 16oz jar of coconut butter at the grocery store costs between $10-$15.  I can make 16oz for about $3.  Good savings!  And it's SUPER easy- it only takes one ingredient. What do I do with the coconut butter?  Mostly I eat it by the spoonful.… Continue reading Homemade Coconut Butter

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Montessori Monday- Color Gradient Matching

Happy Montessori Monday everyone.  Today I'm going to show you one of my favorite activities that can be made for FREE! This is a classic Montessori PreK activity that children continue to enjoy and benefit from as they get older.  We began this activity with my son at around 18 months and now at 4.5 years… Continue reading Montessori Monday- Color Gradient Matching


On eating my words….

Something I end up talking to people about all the time at work are the "never say never" moments we've had... things we SWORE we'd "never" do either in our personal life or with our kids.  I often find these to be really humorous and I thought I'd share with you some things my "never… Continue reading On eating my words….

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Flax Seed Hair Gel

This worked great when J had his hair cut into a mowhawk (somehow we didn't get any pictures of that... I think we're going to need to do it again this summer).  And has worked well on my super thick hair the couple of times I've tried it too. It's super easy- just use 2T… Continue reading Flax Seed Hair Gel

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So what DO you eat?

Raw Milk          Nourishing Traditions  Gluten Free                        Organic                 Bulk                                 Sugar Free            Lacto-Fermented....   WHAT?!?!? These are common phrases in our household when we talk about food. Food has… Continue reading So what DO you eat?