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AIP Meals for the week of 7/20 (including a couple outings!)

It's been 6 weeks I've been on AIP.  Many of my symptoms are getting better but I'm still dealing with a lot of joint pain.  My body is finally feeling up to regular exercise after my case of mono so I'm hoping getting back into yoga and long walks will help a lot. We had… Continue reading AIP Meals for the week of 7/20 (including a couple outings!)

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My AIP meals last week

I've officially been following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) for 5 weeks!  For information on what got me to this diet check this post out. AIP is hard!  Really, really, hard.  However, it's totally worth it for how amazing I'm starting to feel.  My mind feels more clear than it has since I had my son… Continue reading My AIP meals last week

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So what DO you eat?

Raw Milk          Nourishing Traditions  Gluten Free                        Organic                 Bulk                                 Sugar Free            Lacto-Fermented....   WHAT?!?!? These are common phrases in our household when we talk about food. Food has… Continue reading So what DO you eat?