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My AIP meals on vacation!

Hi everyone!

We just returned from 4 days at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, CO.  We were fortunate to have a lodge room with a mini fridge and a microwave as well as to be there with my in-laws who had a camper w/ a kitchen.  I packed up loads of food and was able to follow AIP while we were away.


Breakfast– We made a big Stromboli before we hit the road!
Lunch – Ate in the car while watching the famous I-70 bison herd!  Chicken, salad, water keifer lemonade, raisins 
Dinner–  AIP sandwich thins with AIP avocado mayo, prosciutto,  salad


Breakfast Beets, chicken broth (I cooked a gallon before we left and then boiled it down to fit in a quart size jar and just added it with hot water), lettuce
LunchChicken liver pate, salad, beet kraut, avocado mayo, carrots
Dinner  Sweet summer chili (I made a huge batch of this and brought it with us- delicious!)


Breakfast Bacon, beets, salad, grapes
Lunch– Epic bison bar, salad, raisins, carrots, Dang toasted coconut chips (my new favorite snack), nori
Dinner– Sweet summer chili


Breakfast  Proscuitto, beet kraut, herbal coffee
Lunch-Chicken liver pate, carrots, avocado mayo, sardines
Dinner (home from our trip!!) Salad, chicken


Breakfast–  (I forgot to update this one and don’t remember at all- sorry!)
Lunch–  (at the pool) Epic bar, nori, raisins, carrot
Dinner–  Chicken broth, salad, mixed veggies


Breakfast Herbal coffee latte (this was amazing- i added 2 T 11060959_500031860153165_7542822454478755284_ncoconut cream, 1/2 T coconut oil, a bunch of fresh vanilla beans and a dash of cinnamon- ground it w/ my immersion blender- yum!!!), greens cooked in bacon grease, a fresh peach from the Farmer’s Market!! (yum!!)

LunchI didn’t eat much- was super hot from being at the Farmer’s Market so I just had some zucchini cheese and a carrot
Dinner Honey Garlic Chicken (used this recipe but used chicken breast and grilled it- AMAZING!  Beet kraut, rainbow cauliflower


Breakfast Roasted sweet potato, sauteed greens
Lunch Epic bacon bites, nori, carrot, toasted coconut flakes, peach
Dinner (out!!) HUGE local organic arugala salad w/ olive oil and lemon juice (Denver area people- The Kitchen will take good care of you if you’re AIP.  Most of the meat is pre-marinated in non-AIP marinades but they have lots of other compliant meals and are super super careful to take care of you and meet your needs!)

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