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Flax Seed Hair Gel

This worked great when J had his hair cut into a mowhawk (somehow we didn’t get any pictures of that… I think we’re going to need to do it again this summer).  And has worked well on my super thick hair the couple of times I’ve tried it too.

It’s super easy- just use 2T whole flax seeds and 1C of DISTILLED water.  The distilled water is important, any impurities in the water can make the gel set weird.  

Boil the water, add the flax seeds and stir constantly until it starts to form a gel.  Then strain it through a fine strainer and put it into the container of your choice and store it in the fridge.  

If you like something that smells nice add 1 or 2 drops of essential oils.  Some people like to add aloe gel to this as well.

It’s 100% safe which you can’t say for most of the hair gels on the market, you can make as much as you need and it works really well.

(Note- flax seeds are best stored in the fridge as they go rancid in a couple months otherwise)

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