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One Last School Night…

(I wrote this last night.  Some thoughts and reflections on the last two years of being a "school mom" with a chronic illness and of the start of our homeschool time)  We had Kindergarten graduation today.  The kids have one last day of school tomorrow.  Which means one last school night.  Maybe for a long… Continue reading One Last School Night…

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We’re Almost Homeschoolers!

  In 10 school days, I will be a homeschool mom. I am equal parts excited and intimidated. The “plan” had always been to homeschool. However, when we moved to a new town, I got sick, and the store I was working at closed, my kid was lonely and sad. At work, he had all-day… Continue reading We’re Almost Homeschoolers!

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Big changes in our family!!

I've been kind of quiet from blogging lately.  This has partly been because I'm working like crazy but mostly because I've been trying to soak up every moment I can with my son.  Because... We are homeschoolers no more!!! In July my son started talking about being lonely and missing his time at the local… Continue reading Big changes in our family!!

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Montessori Monday- Color Gradient Matching

Happy Montessori Monday everyone.  Today I'm going to show you one of my favorite activities that can be made for FREE! This is a classic Montessori PreK activity that children continue to enjoy and benefit from as they get older.  We began this activity with my son at around 18 months and now at 4.5 years… Continue reading Montessori Monday- Color Gradient Matching

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Montessori Monday- new classroom setup

My husband had been working an overnight job so we had all our homeschool stuff set up in the living room.  That way he could sleep in our son's room during the day because it's super quiet and the master is right on the same side as a busy road and it's loud.  He's working days… Continue reading Montessori Monday- new classroom setup

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Montessori Mondays: Color time!

We have been working on learning and matching colors around here lately and I wanted to share some of it with you all.  One of the activities we have been working on is so simple to create and was always a favorite in classrooms and my son loves it.  I'll let the pictures do the… Continue reading Montessori Mondays: Color time!

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Introducing… Montessori Mondays!

Hello!  Welcome to fall and the start of Montessori Mondays here at "Crunchier by the day." If you're not familiar with Montessori education check out the Wikipedia page about Montessori.  I worked in a Montessori school as my very first job and worked there for almost 6 years.  In many ways I grew up there… Continue reading Introducing… Montessori Mondays!