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Crunchy-Living 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through one of these links I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you).  This helps me to continue my blogging efforts and I greatly appreciate your support of my blog on this way. The Holidays are right around the corner, we are anxiously… Continue reading Crunchy-Living 2017 Christmas Gift Guide


On eating my words….

Something I end up talking to people about all the time at work are the "never say never" moments we've had... things we SWORE we'd "never" do either in our personal life or with our kids.  I often find these to be really humorous and I thought I'd share with you some things my "never… Continue reading On eating my words….

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Montessori Mondays: Potty Time!

We are almost completely out of diapers!  This is a very strange phase for me to come to- I sell cloth diapers for a living... Cloth diaper people actually kind of like diapers- what with all the cute patterns, different styles and ease of use. We are pretty much down to diapers at night (although… Continue reading Montessori Mondays: Potty Time!

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Things you won’t see me buying anymore

I've been looking at the Green America website a lot lately and was inspired by this article Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again. Now, we have some of these items in our home- gasp! However, in my quest to be Zero Waste I won't be buying the following items anymore (some of these we've… Continue reading Things you won’t see me buying anymore