On eating my words….

Something I end up talking to people about all the time at work are the “never say never” moments we’ve had… things we SWORE we’d “never” do either in our personal life or with our kids.  I often find these to be really humorous and I thought I’d share with you some things my “never say never” list.  I feel like “crunchy” parents end up having a TON of these.

If you’d told me 5 years ago I’d be doing these things I would have laughed at you and said “who me?!?! NEVER!”   A phrase I hear all the time- “When you know better, you do better”… this is the story of my life

Allow me to now eat my words…

  • I would NEVER…. drink raw milk (going on 3 years with raw milk, it’s amazing and much less dangerous than store bought eggs or bagged spinach)
  • I would NEVER….  become obsessive about being green
  • I would NEVER….  breastfeed past a year.  I used to talk about this all. the. time.  I was going to cut that kid off on their first birthday.  (Going on 3.5 years and planning to wean when he’s ready)
  • I would NEVER….  quit teaching.
  • I would NEVER…. not vaccinate.
  • I would NEVER….  not circumcise.  (Most boys in the US are intact now.  Learn more here.)
  • I would NEVER….  be a super picky food person. (Getting diagnosed w/ a food allergy, reading the book Nourishing Traditions and getting connected to the local food movement will never allow me to go back to my Standard American Diet days.)
  • I would NEVER….  see a chiropractor. (We go weekly.  My son’s recurring ear infections have not come back, I’m completely off all thyroid and allergy medications and we pretty much never get sick)
  • I would NEVER….  be able to live in a small space with a child.  (We live in a 650 sq ft house now and are looking to move somewhere smaller.  We’ve downsized A LOT)
  • I would NEVER….  co-sleep.
  • I would NEVER….  stop shopping at WalMart.  (I think it’s been at least 5 years since I’ve been in a WalMart)
  • I would NEVER….  be able to bring my child to work with me.
  • I would NEVER….  watch a show about a High School Glee club and totally love it…
  • I would NEVER….  stop using conventional bath and body products.  (Watch this video and you won’t want to keep using them either)
  • I would NEVER….  worry about paying off my student loans early.  (I have a love/hate relationship with Dave Ramsey for learning this one, lol)
  • I would NEVER….  practice baby led weaning.
  • I would NEVER….  use a birth center.
  • I would NEVER….  homeschool.
  • I would NEVER….  take cod liver oil.
  • I would NEVER….  use cloth diapers.
  • I would NEVER….  use cloth pads.
  • I would NEVER….  give up paper towels.
  • I would NEVER….  want to own chickens.
  • I would NEVER….  get rid of almost all plastic in every form in our house.
  • I would NEVER….   make my own laundry detergent and cleaning products.
  • I would NEVER….  like dogs better than cats.

    What are you doing that “you” 5 years ago wouldn’t believe?

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