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AIP Meals for the week of 7/20 (including a couple outings!)

It’s been 6 weeks I’ve been on AIP.  Many of my symptoms are getting better but I’m still dealing with a lot of joint pain.  My body is finally feeling up to regular exercise after my case of mono so I’m hoping getting back into yoga and long walks will help a lot.

We had a super busy week so I had a lot of meals on the go.  Check my week out!


Breakfast– Chicken broth, chicken, peach
Lunch – Carnitas at Chipotle, Wholly Guacamole Organic Guac
Dinner– Beef (1/4lb beef liver that I blended in the food processor and mixed into 1 lb ground beef.  Couldn’t taste the liver at all.  Used some bacon grease and a couple spices- yum!!), Cauliflower, beet kraut


Breakfast Herbal latte (see last Saturday here), 1 quart chicken bone broth, beet kraut (I got Ozuke brand- they’re local to me and I got this Ruby Calendula kraut- I loooooove calendula- so tasty!)
Lunch– Salad, sardines
Dinner  (I was working all evening and totally skipped dinner… just had some chicken broth!)


Breakfast Epic bacon bites (YUM!), broth, Ozuke kraut, roasted japanese sweet potato (pre-cooked)- we went up to Cheyenne to watch the Thunderbirds which is always incredible
Lunch– (packed to eat in Cheyenne) Chicken liver pate, nori, dried toasted coconut,  raisins, coconut water
Dinner– Leftover beef from Monday, 1 quart chicken bone broth, salad


Breakfast  Salad, coconut flakes
Lunch Leftover beef from Monday, Ozuke kraut, nori, peach
Dinner Sardines, water keifer lemonade, applesauce (I had way too much fruit today- it’s my big struggle right now w/ doing AIP in the summer)

I was up for 18 hours today.  12 of that was working and 3 of it was driving.  I felt AWESOME in the evening.  Tired, but not “thyroid tired” or “mono tired” just “I had a crazy day tired”.  I’m feeling super optimistic!


Breakfast 1 quart chicken bone broth, sweet potato, frozen spinach cooked up with a hefty amount of bacon fat
Lunch Beet kraut, a huge carrot, salad, kombucha
Dinner–   Zoodle “Mac & Cheese,” chicken bone broth, avocado sprinkled w/ Himalayan salt (YUM!) and some toasted coconut flakes

-I was really wanting some Mac & Cheese.  I found this recipe for AIP IMG_4965 “cheese sauce’ from the Paleo Partridge  but made a few changes.  I used frozen cauliflower and cooked it in 1/2 cup chicken broth.  I added in the turmeric and a 2 cloves of garlic.  It was delicious!!! I cooked up some zoodles in bacon fat and sprinkled w/ a bit of nutritional yeast- yum yum!! Still have a lot of the “cheese” left to use in the next few days.  I may try adding in some cooked carrot to get a better color next time.


Breakfast Ground turkey (cooked w/ Wildtree Herb Grilling Marinade spices), Rainbow chard (my favorite summer thing!! I sauteed and onion and cooked it in bacon fat, then cooked the sliced chard stems about 10 minutes on medium-low and added 1 cup chicken broth and the chard leaves which I tore apart.  Covered the whole thing and let it steam over low for about 10 minutes- delicious!!)  Herbal “coffee” and my personalized herbal tea blend.
Lunch–  Squash flour tortillas w/ avocado, lettuce and my leftover “cheese” from the other day
Dinner  Picnic lunch at the park- sardines, nori, beet kraut and a couple bites of peace


Breakfast Leftover tortilla, chicken bone broth and Japanese sweet potato “hashbrowns”
LunchGrilled salmon w/ green beans (it’s up for debate if these are AIP or not.  I tolerate them just fine and we got a bunch from our CSA)
Dinner A friend had a going away party so I packed my own dinner- an Epic Bison bar, avocado, salad, and the last bit of tortilla

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