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What I’ve learned in the last 2 years

My baby turned two on Friday... I'm not sure where the last 2 years have gone.  Everyone said it goes by fast and they were sure right!  One of my best friends had a precious baby boy on 10/11/12 (at 1:23- how cool is that?!?!) and watching her on this journey of Motherhood plus having… Continue reading What I’ve learned in the last 2 years



I've been home sick the last 2 days. It's the first big sickness I've really had in my pregnancy and I'm thankful for that. Been spending lots of time sleeping and watching You Tube videos, lol. At first I was really upset to be sick, I don't like missing work especially since I'm about to… Continue reading Sickness


Students, and showers and gluten free festivals- oh my!!!!

Wow! What a busy time the last few weeks have been. I went back to work and feel like I haven't stopped since then. We had something going on every evening for 10 evenings in a row and have only had one more night off since then. YIKES! The good news is that I am… Continue reading Students, and showers and gluten free festivals- oh my!!!!

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I never expected….

Here's my list of things I never expected to experience in pregnancy... *to be SO tired after work that I'd have no energy to do anything but sit on the couch and stare *that heat would affect me to the point of feeling like I was going to pass out *how easily frustrated I get… Continue reading I never expected….


FAQs about Pregnancy

Baby FAQs 1- Will you find out the gender? A- Yes, when the baby is born 🙂 2- Are you moving out of your one-bedroom apartment? A- Only if we can find something comparably priced to what we're paying now. The budget is already being stretched... don't want to stretch it more. But, it would… Continue reading FAQs about Pregnancy

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My Goals

Once you get pregnant you start thinking about the choices you are making in your life and the things you want for your baby. Overall, I have 3 goals for this pregnancy and into the time when the baby enters our lives: 1- Keep it Green ~We are continuing to choose organic foods that are… Continue reading My Goals