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Tiny bits of healing

The day your child is born is a day that should be remembered with joy and excitement. Unfortunately my son's birth was extremely traumatic for all of us and two years later we are still healing from that journey. I found great healing and comfort from going to therapy for several months. I gained one… Continue reading Tiny bits of healing


He’s here!!!!

Our little boy, J, arrived on October 19th. It's been quite the journey the last month, I realized I better get to it and write down details before I forget them. Sunday, October 17- Hubby and I decided we were going to go walk the baby out! After church we went and had a fantastic lunch… Continue reading He’s here!!!!



I've been home sick the last 2 days. It's the first big sickness I've really had in my pregnancy and I'm thankful for that. Been spending lots of time sleeping and watching You Tube videos, lol. At first I was really upset to be sick, I don't like missing work especially since I'm about to… Continue reading Sickness


Students, and showers and gluten free festivals- oh my!!!!

Wow! What a busy time the last few weeks have been. I went back to work and feel like I haven't stopped since then. We had something going on every evening for 10 evenings in a row and have only had one more night off since then. YIKES! The good news is that I am… Continue reading Students, and showers and gluten free festivals- oh my!!!!