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My Goals

Once you get pregnant you start thinking about the choices you are making in your life and the things you want for your baby. Overall, I have 3 goals for this pregnancy and into the time when the baby enters our lives:

1- Keep it Green
~We are continuing to choose organic foods that are preservative free, corn syrup free and free of artificial colors and flavorings (Vitamin Cottage is pretty much my favorite place these days until our CSA starts next month). I also continue to be conscious of what I put on my body by using only natural and organic products. We’re also trying to get as many maternity and baby items used as possible… I just don’t see the point in buying a bunch of new things that will last a few months at the most! I’m also getting lots of exercise outdoors.

2- Keep it Local
~We’ll be registering at a local green baby shop called Eco*Politan and at REI. REI is pretty much the only chain store we shop at anymore (and felt like we needed to do a chain store because so much of our family is our of town) because we get 10% back there and they are committed to preserving the environment, employee care, and 4 times a year they have a garage sale where they sell all of the returns they’ve gotten in that quarter (most chain stores throw them away). We will really be encouraging people to purchase things for our baby from local Etsy vendors, local baby shops, and from thrift and consignment stores. Plus we try and eat locally produced food as much as possible.

3- Keep it Simple
~We live in a 1 bedroom apartment and currently have no plans to move unless we somehow miraculously get enough $ for the down payment on a house. Babies really don’t need very much. Keeping it simple also plays into the other 2 goals. We’re simple people- we will do our best to raise a simple child.

So those are my goals for pregnancy and beyond. Keep an eye on this blog as I’ll start posting recipes this week. Happy Saturday!!!

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