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What I’ve learned in the last 2 years

My baby turned two on Friday… I’m not sure where the last 2 years have gone.  Everyone said it goes by fast and they were sure right!  One of my best friends had a precious baby boy on 10/11/12 (at 1:23- how cool is that?!?!) and watching her on this journey of Motherhood plus having my baby turn two has really got me reflecting on the last 2 years… so without further ado here is what I’ve learned in the last 2 years:

  • Breastfeeding totally sucks in the beginning but sticking with it results in one of the most meaningful and beautiful relationships that exists in the world and it gets easier every day
  • Postpartum depression is very real and very scary- seek help if you need to!
  • Babies bring out the best in people…
  • … and babies bring out sides of you- as a parent- that you might not have been ready to deal with
  • The pain your child feels will cause you pain
  • The love of a mother for her baby is unexplainably huge
  • It is not possible to spoil a child
  • Listening to your babies cues and following their lead will result in a happy, healthy child
  • Toddlers can be good conversationalists
  • It’s really hard to parent in a non-conventional way but totally worth it
  • Cosleeping is the greatest parenting choice ever next to breastfeeding- can’t beat those nighttime snuggles
  • Cloth diapers make life so much easier!!
  • Delaying solids is a great idea both for baby’s tummy and for not having to scrape poo off diapers 🙂
  •  It is possible to raise a child without a TV, crib, battery operated toys, swing, pack and play, disposable diapers, stroller, and vaccinations.  People have said throughout baby J’s whole life what a happy baby he is and he’s always been ahead of his developmental milestones (which consequently used to be much higher expectations than they are now.)
  • A simple life is good
  • You will get more done and less done than you ever did before at the same time…
  • Nursing a baby in a carrier makes life infinitely easier
  • Babywearing will save your sanity and make for a very happy child
  • Babies can be very very helpful around the house- give them a chance
  • Taking a nap with your child is invaluable
  • Someday you’ll have an empty house again and you can spend all the time you want cleaning and organizing… for now take every moment you can to enjoy you baby because time flies!!!

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