I’ve been home sick the last 2 days. It’s the first big sickness I’ve really had in my pregnancy and I’m thankful for that. Been spending lots of time sleeping and watching You Tube videos, lol. At first I was really upset to be sick, I don’t like missing work especially since I’m about to miss 6 weeks!!! But then I realized this is one of my last chances to just rest and be before baby comes and to spend QT with my growing babe before I have to change diapers, lol.

Sickness aside I’m feeling really great. Moving around just fine and not getting too tired or swollen. The cooler weather is definitely welcome the last couple days as well! I’ve had a couple of nesting bursts… I don’t think there’s a whole lot more I can do in terms of nesting now, everything is pretty much set up for baby’s arrival. We just want to get a few more diapers, lifters for our co-sleeper and some sheets. I have zero desire to cook at all these days and Hubby’s been covering a lot of that for me. Also not wanting to chat much on the phone but am happy to have a friend over or go out with someone. I’m just really trying to take in the next 17ish days before baby arrives and can’t wait to meet my little one and introduce them to all of you!!!

We packed our bag for the birthing center/ prepared a bin of easily accessible items we’ll want during labor at home. I don’t go into the center until contractions are 1 minute long, 3 minutes apart and lasting for 1 hour. Most of my labor will be at home. I got some of my favorite gluten free graham crackers from “Out of the Breadbox”, applesauce, honey sticks, coconut water, preggie pops, and will get a couple frozen meals to bring with us for after the delivery… or I’ll send someone down the street to get me Miso soup from Tokyo Joes 😀 My bin also contains wonderful things like homeopathic Arnica for pain relief, witch hazel, alkolol, peppermint oil and lotion. I found the CUTEST onesie at Sweet Beginnings to bring baby home in, we’ll probably use it for birth announcements too and I can’t wait to show it off with the cutest little model in town!

Thanks again for everyone’s love and support. I am enjoying this part of the pregnancy more than any other and feel so blessed!

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