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I never expected….

Here’s my list of things I never expected to experience in pregnancy…

*to be SO tired after work that I’d have no energy to do anything but sit on the couch and stare
*that heat would affect me to the point of feeling like I was going to pass out
*how easily frustrated I get and how little I feel like crying (I always thought pregnant women were supposed to cry easily… I just get mad a lot faster)
*to still be having morning sickness in week 22!!!
*that the one-size-too-big hand-me-down pants a friend gave me a couple years ago wouldn’t even fit!
*very little desire to talk on the phone
*an intense desire to swim
*REALLY sore hips
*thinking my kids at work were even cuter than before
*having such incredible support from family and friends
*PREGNANCY BRAIN!!!! I feel like I’m spending most of my days in a fog lately- totally affecting how I think and speak and what I’m able to remember from one moment to the next
*becoming even more jealous and selfish over my time with Jeremy and with friends- gotta savor it while I can
*cravings for strawberry, pears and cherries

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