FAQs about Pregnancy

Baby FAQs

1- Will you find out the gender?
A- Yes, when the baby is born 🙂
2- Are you moving out of your one-bedroom apartment?
A- Only if we can find something comparably priced to what we’re paying now. The budget is already being stretched… don’t want to stretch it more. But, it would be helpful to have a bigger space. We’re already running out of room with the items we’ve been given!
3- Will you get a second car?
A- Not unless someone gives us one
4- Why are you using a Midwife/Birthing Center and not an OB/GYN and hospital?
A- We don’t understand why birth is viewed as a medical emergency in this country. It is pretty much the most natural thing a woman can do. As long as no high-risk conditions arrive in my pregnancy we don’t feel I need medical intervention. We like to take a natural approach to what we do and the Mountain Midwifery Center is perfect for that. 5- Where are you registered?
A- We’re not registered anywhere yet. We’ll probably go do that over Hubby’s vacation. We are wanting to register with a couple local stores and REI. It is also our hope that people will shop from local Etsy vendors and consignment stores. As we posted previously our goals are: keep it green, keep it local, keep it simple.

6- What do you need before baby comes?
A- A dresser would be helpful. I’m currently using two nightstands stacked on top of each other and then the rest of my clothes are just kind of loose everywhere. I’d love to get a dresser so I can put all my stuff in there and use the nightstands for baby. We’re also wanting to get some of the super-skinny hangers to save room in our closet and any other helpful storage/space saving items. Since we’re not sure if we are moving or not we’re really just trying to save space as much as we can here.

7- What about Kai the dog?
A- He will be a great dog brother and we think he will be end up being very protective. He’s become quite protective of me since I got pregnant. He knows something is up.

8- (This has been the million dollar question for us) Will you go back to work- and if so, who is going to watch the baby?
A- Yes, I am going to go back to work at least through the 2010/2011 school year. I’m full time at 5 1/2 hours a day and get amazing breaks. I love my job and we really need the second income. Until we are able to get something launched with our missions dreams then I’m working. As far as who is going to watch baby- we’re still working those details out but we have a peace about it and know God is going to provide care for us.

And just a bit of news: We’ve made it to the 20 weeks mark! We had an appointment Monday and heard a strong, loud heartbeat. We’ll go in for another ultrasound in a couple weeks. I got some good news at work- we are switching insurance companies June 1st and the new company is in-network with the Mountain Midwifery Center. Hopefully that will save us some money on my care there. I also found out that some, if not all, of the amount I’ve already paid toward my deductible this year should transfer over- horray! What a blessing!

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