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Reflections on a very Lenty Lent

I close my eyes and allow the music to envelop me.  I pause to soak it all in- take a deep breath and smell the familiar smell of this place.  I’m overcome with emotion. The choir processes singing the Great Litany. A familiar voice serves as Cantor and the people respond with their prayers. The… Continue reading Reflections on a very Lenty Lent


On the Arrival of Spring

The arrival of Spring is always a welcome one for me.  Especially in the past few years. It’s always arrived both literally and as a metaphor for seasons in life.  When I was in college I went to a retreat that was themed on the seasons a reflective of seasons in life. My winter is… Continue reading On the Arrival of Spring

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Our tiny dreams are reality!!

Eeep!!!! The last month has been ROUGH.  Hubby's layoff has affected us in a lot of positive ways but also in a lot of negative ways.  Satan has really been using it to make us feel unworthy and useless and it's been tough.  I'll write more on that later.  Today I want to share the… Continue reading Our tiny dreams are reality!!

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The Harshest “Welcome Back” We’ve Ever Gotten

We just returned from a glorious trip around California.  It started with my son and I in Northern CA where we visited my folks for a couple weeks, we then took the train down the coast of CA to the Santa Barbara area to visit my husband’s family.  We took planes, trains and automobiles and… Continue reading The Harshest “Welcome Back” We’ve Ever Gotten

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On Peyton Manning’s Retirement

I know I'm a few weeks late to the game posting this.  I've had a major bout of writers block lately (which is just fantastic when you make a living writing).  That seems to be lifting and I need to get these thoughts about Manning's retirement out there. First of all, I think I need… Continue reading On Peyton Manning’s Retirement

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In 2016- The Pressure Is OFF

In the last few months, there have been a few topics that keep coming up.  Whenever anything like this happens I work on tuning in and applying these themes to my life.  I don't think things like this happen by coincidence, I think these are the ways God shows me areas of my life that… Continue reading In 2016- The Pressure Is OFF

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Don’t Say His Name…

Every time there is a tragedy like the loss of life that occurred yesterday, I see my Facebook page light up with people asking the media to please not say "their" name. While I agree wholeheartedly that this is a horrible way to earn your 15 minutes of fame, and the media gives way too… Continue reading Don’t Say His Name…

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Life Lessons from a Wasp

That moment every parent dreads is when you see a wasp INSIDE your home.  Last week we were eating lunch and noticed one sitting on the inside of our screen door.  I quickly shut the glass and ran around through the other door to our porch and opened the screen in hopes of the wasp… Continue reading Life Lessons from a Wasp