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Reflections on a very Lenty Lent

I close my eyes and allow the music to envelop me.  I pause to soak it all in- take a deep breath and smell the familiar smell of this place.  I’m overcome with emotion. The choir processes singing the Great Litany. A familiar voice serves as Cantor and the people respond with their prayers. The… Continue reading Reflections on a very Lenty Lent

Airstream, Debt Free

Treehouse Daily’s BIG News!

It finally happened!  We’ve been trying for years, praying & hoping, wishing & working and it FINALLY happened.  (No, not another baby… why do people always think that 🙂 ) We left Colorado!! For about seven years now we’ve talked and prayed about it.  My husband has applied for hundreds of jobs and dozens of… Continue reading Treehouse Daily’s BIG News!