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Needing “My People”

Human nature is a funny thing.  No matter how many times we see the hard stuff of life happen to others,  somewhere in us thinks “those things don’t happen to my people.”  We all have *our* people. Those who we have done life with. As Mamas, these people are especially important. We share our children’s… Continue reading Needing “My People”

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On Peyton Manning’s Retirement

I know I'm a few weeks late to the game posting this.  I've had a major bout of writers block lately (which is just fantastic when you make a living writing).  That seems to be lifting and I need to get these thoughts about Manning's retirement out there. First of all, I think I need… Continue reading On Peyton Manning’s Retirement

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Don’t Say His Name…

Every time there is a tragedy like the loss of life that occurred yesterday, I see my Facebook page light up with people asking the media to please not say "their" name. While I agree wholeheartedly that this is a horrible way to earn your 15 minutes of fame, and the media gives way too… Continue reading Don’t Say His Name…