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Our tiny dreams are reality!!

Eeep!!!! The last month has been ROUGH.  Hubby’s layoff has affected us in a lot of positive ways but also in a lot of negative ways.  Satan has really been using it to make us feel unworthy and useless and it’s been tough.  I’ll write more on that later.  Today I want to share the amazing, incredible, exciting news we have with you!!

Back in December, I shared that we were planning on “going tiny” and building a tiny house.  We’ve spent the last few months since then researching even more and began considering an Airstream as well.  After the layoff we decided to start looking more seriously at our options.  We started looking on Monday.  On Tuesday we found her.


Isn’t she pretty??

We went to see her and all 3 of us knew right away she was home.  We were absolutely thrilled to find out that the sellers had accepted our offer and she was ours- we knew in our hearts from the first time we saw her 🙂  Honestly I didn’t even want to leave after we went to visit.  We almost pulled our offer at one point because I got panic-y about job stuff but I’m so so so glad we didn’t!  We got to spend 1 night inside before heading out on a previously planned trip to CA to bring my folks some of our items from our downsize.

She is truly the greatest give we’ve ever been given.  We can’t wait to get renovations done and see where she takes us!   She’s a 26 foot 1973 Argosy and is in incredible shape- we’ll need to do some work to make it useable for full-time living and do adjustments to the kitchen to accomodate being AIP/ WAPF friendly.  We’re still in the planning stages and will figure out what we want/ what needs done and make updates as budget allows.  I’m really excited to blog this experience and show people that you CAN eat a real food/ healing diet in a small kitchen!

We’re looking forward to the process and the freedom it will allow.  Our hope is to find enough virtual income to eventually travel and live full time and start our non-profit within the next few years.  She will allow us to be debt-free faster and to live simply like we’ve desired.  We’ve unfortunately aquired quite a bit more debt from medical expenses since I got mono and our prayer is that hubby will get a new job and/or I’ll get some new clients before we aquire more debt.

The next few months are going to be focused around downsizing.  We’ve gotten rid of A LOT but not where near enough (We actually both had gut feelings that we should get rid of all our furniture when we moved out of our apartment but the logical side of ourselves took over and we kept it all).  We’ll be living in a basement apartment for a while (which happens to be in the basement all our stuff is stored in- thank you God!!) and downsizing even more until we have a good plan to hit the road.  Our next step is to stay in the airstream for a bit and then store her somewhere for a while so we can figure out what we want to do and research materials, costs, etc.

I’m really thrilled and pleased with our choice.  It’s smaller squarefootage than a tiny house would have been but will be easier to transport and find parking for.  80% of airstreams ever made are still on the road today so they withstand the test of time and use, plus there’s an amazing Airstream community out there!  We’ve been warmly welcomed by so many people on Facebook groups and I even had a gal with a similar model message me and she’s been “showing me the ropes.”  I love the history of Airstreams, I love the classic vintage style and I love the high quality workmanship and safe materials in our model.

I’m also excited to be able to document our journey here on the blog and on my Facebook and Instagram page.  I am also thrilled to have been able to share these sites with the people we purchased it from so they can see the changes we make.  I’m wishing there was an easy way to find other previous owners or even the very first owners but I’m guessing that’s a dream that won’t come true.

We are so humbled, grateful and honestly still kind of shocked.  It happened VERY fast- we excpected it would be about a year before we found one.  We’re amazed this part of our dream has come true and in awe of God’s provision for aquiring her and taking this next step in our future.  She’s beautiful and is home in every way, we all slept soundly on our first night- we NEVER sleep soundly our first night anywhere.   She’s a huge blessing to us and we’re able to use her to bless the family we’ve been staying with as well.  In every way this has been a provision from God, no doubt about it.

The layoff has been rough and this has been one of  many reminders God has sent us that we’re never going to be left without.  As we’ve sat through food stamp meetings, crunched budgets in every possible way and sat at kitchen tables crying and job hunting we’ve found such comfort from this silver beauty.  Can’t wait to share more with you!!

Stay tuned- when we get back I’ll do a Facebook live video so you can see the inside!

PS-We’re thinking about a name that will still fit with the “treehouse” theme- let us know your suggestions!

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