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The Harshest “Welcome Back” We’ve Ever Gotten

We just returned from a glorious trip around California.  It started with my son and I in Northern CA where we visited my folks for a couple weeks, we then took the train down the coast of CA to the Santa Barbara area to visit my husband’s family.  We took planes, trains and automobiles and had the BEST vacation.  My hubby and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary in May and this was such a fun way to celebrate- we even did two days at Disneyland.   I’ll write more and share pictures soon- our summer has been one big amazing adventure (and became an even bigger adventure than we expected!)


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Nothing like a day at the beach

When we got back we got just about the worst “welcome back” anyone could get.  My husband was laid off one hour after returning to his job.  Thanks “Organizational Restructuring”… We are sad, hurt, shocked, concerned and optimistic.


Apparently, this was in the works for a while and we keep debating if we wish they’d have told us before our trip or not.  Obviously, we are out a good amount of money from our trip and were frustrated to have not been told ahead of time.  However, we had such an amazing trip that we are mostly really glad we got to go.  It was the best trip we’ve taken in our 10 years of marriage and so great for our little family.

As much of a shock as this was to us, we’ve seen God’s hand and provision in huge ways.  Fortunately, we had moved out of our apartment before we left for the trip and had already made arrangements to spend the summer with some friends on their organic farm.  We are SO grateful we had this lined up as my husband’s layoff did not include any sort of a severance package- there was absolutely no way we would have been able to afford rent.  We have access to fresh, amazing food and a free place to live.  My hubby has also been able to keep SUPER busy working around the farm and we’ve discovered that pulling weeds is just about the most perfect way to take out any layoff related aggression.  (seriously, if you get laid off you may even want to reach out to local farmers and go pull their weeds… it’s very therapeutic).

Some friends have offered us their basement apartment for after our time on the farm.  It’s perfect for us and happens to be in the same basement that most of our items are being stored so it will make for an easy move!

There had been some things happening at work that my husband didn’t love and he’d been job hunting anyway.  The financial aspect of a layoff is always really scary- especially because they do not award enough to live off of for unemployment.  However, we’re grateful he’s away from the negative aspects of his job and is able to focus on finding his passion and pursuing work he’ll really love.   This is also allowing me the extra time I need to work without having to worry about childcare!

We’ve also spent a few years talking about moving to warmer climates or finding virtual work so we can get away more in the winter.  My Raynaud’s makes winters rough for me and while we LOVE Colorado most the year, every winter we talk about moving away.   My job is 100% virtual so I can go anywhere! We would really love to be able to stay in CO for most of the year and travel or relocate for a while every winter.   We’re now able to job hunt in warmer places and pursue other options (we’re also talking about maybe starting our own business).  

In a couple weeks we’ll head back out to CA to go see my family again.  In our downsizing process we’ve come up with a number of items my Mom wants.  We flew out last month and are going to take this opportunity to drive out and deliver the items to them.  There’s also something comforting about being near your folks during a difficult time that I’m really looking forward to.  Ironically, my Mom will be here in CO for one week while we’re out there- she’s coming out to help my Grandparents with some things!

Our 5-year-old is THRILLED.  The other day we were talking about ways we’ve seen God working since the layoff.  He said he saw God working by Daddy getting laid off because it means they get more time together.  We’ve basically all been together 24/7 for about a month now and he’s such a happy little boy to have Daddy around so much.  This is our favorite age so far and he’s such a blast, so in that way we’re grateful.

We feel like a whole new world has opened up to us.   I have good days and bad days- but mostly good days.  A couple days after the layoff the woman we’re staying with said “You guys are awfully calm.”… God has always taken care of us before and we both have a great peace about what’s to come.  We are taking it one day at a time and enjoying the opportunity to be together more and pursue what comes next. We feel so loved and cared for in this time.  Many people have sent us encouraging messages and former coworkers have reached out to let my hubby know how much he meant to them.  

Thank you for your continued prayers.  Right now our primary prayer is that his unemployment would come through quickly so we don’t have to acquire additional debt because of this layoff.  We have some money in savings and can scrimp down our budget quite a bit to make ends meet for now.  The unemployment process can take up to a couple months and we really hope to not drain our savings/ have to use credit cards.  

Losing a job is scary but it is also a blessing.  


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