On the Arrival of Spring

The arrival of Spring is always a welcome one for me.  Especially in the past few years. It’s always arrived both literally and as a metaphor for seasons in life.  When I was in college I went to a retreat that was themed on the seasons a reflective of seasons in life. My winter is finally ended.

Here in the PNW, I’m struck by the arrival of Spring and the drastic difference we’re already seeing in daylight.  It was a long, dark winter. When it’s getting dark by 3:30pm and the sun doesn’t reappear until after 8am- those nights feel so long.  It even ended up being literally dark for me for a couple of weeks as I healed my eyes.

What a reflection it ended up being on this season of our lives.  We haven’t shared much, but this past winter was dark literally and dark metaphorically.  The dark nights reflected a dark night of the soul we were going through. Perhaps I will share more one day, perhaps not.   Yet as we approach Spring, I welcome it as a reflection of my life.

The last few years have been hard.  We have been through a lot. As the dust is settling I’m realizing even more the impact it has had on us.  

So I welcome the change of Spring in the Earth and in my life.  I welcome increase of light in my home, on the plants, and in my family. I turn my heads towards the sun knowing that the dark season is coming to an end.  I discover renewal in this Spring season.

You cannot stop Spring from coming.  Sometimes it may take longer than we want.  Spring days remind us Summer days are around the corner.  They remind us no matter how cold & dark the Winter was- it will not last forever.  Yes, the sun still peeks up after mourning songs are sung. Joyful flowers develop from the struggle of buds and cold nights.  And this I know to be true- Spring comes with all its beauty from all the struggle.

Joyful sounds resound from the treetops, colors return, and warmth covers our skin.  No matter how dark your Winter has been. Spring comes my friends. Hope arises from the Earth without us even trying.  All we have to do is open our eyes to see it.

We cannot fully appreciate the beauty of Summer without the  preparation of Spring. And Spring means nothing without the cold, dark winter.  

This may be a difficult season to pass through. Our struggles are not ended and I know we have more to trudge through.  But I welcome it as a season to grieve and lament in the dark while I rejoice in the light.

I’m learning I can only praise God to the extent I have mourned my hurt.  I’m learning I cannot appreciate the bright without acknowledging the dark.

As we welcome this new season, we approach it with weary bodies longing for warmth. Damaged hearts longing for renewal. And a World desperate for some kind of change.

In a few short months we welcome Summer.  Then we will see the preparation, growth, and redemption of this season.  May it be true in our lives, on the Earth, and the lives of all of you- my dear friends and readers.  

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