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An open letter to Chase….

Dear Chase,

I am finding it so hard to find words to tell you  how I am feeling as we wait to hear what has happened.

I’ve been following your case from the time Chase’s Guardians had only about 1,500 followers.  Today there are over 13,000 people advocating for you.   We took a hospital rating from nearly perfect to 1, we gained international media attention, and we completely turned medical ethics and the legal system into question.  Now we wait to see if it was enough to save you.

You are only a few weeks apart from my son in age.  Every single day I think of you, and see you in my son.  I am confident you understand what is going on.  I am confident you are feeling hurt, confused and afraid.  Your father is likely telling you lies about your body to try and get you to consent.    I can only imagine the confusion you must feel.   You are also at an age where you  want and need a daddy, where men are super cool in your eyes and you are at an age where you can easily be manipulated into anyone’s way of thinking.

The court system has failed you by taking you away from your mother and giving you to him even though you’ve admitted to your father sexually abusing you.  Trying to damage your foreskin so it will “need” cut off.  A physician has failed you by subjecting you to more sexual assault by examining you and forcing your body to do something it shouldn’t be doing yet.  Today we wait and see if a Children’s Hospital has failed you by subjecting you to a cosmetic procedure with risks of its own and even more risks with your medical history.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of people around the world have no failed you.  We won’t fail you or any other person who needs defended.    Elie Wiesel said  “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent an injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”   People around the world have been protesting.  Thousands of letters have been sent on your behalf to nearly every circumcising practitioner in this country, protests are happening, news coverage is international, and the intactivisit movement has more traction than ever.


-There may be times when we are



Sweet Chase, we won’t be quiet- we won’t stop.  We will advocate for you and support you.  We will save countless other boys because of you.  Yes, we may loose some friends along the way but the biggest changes and political movements come from people getting offended.  When a mindset needs changes and myths need debunked someone is bound to be offended.

America is one of the only 1st world nations still committing this crime against boys.  One of the only nations that cares more about money than science or ethics.  The rest of the world is watching as our nation sets a huge president with YOUR story Chase!  Because of you The Elephant in the Hospital video is being spread even more on social media.  Because of you people are speaking out against this human rights violation.  Because of you we’re saying that we don’t care who we offend or who we “bother” because this has gone too far.  It is our duty as parents, friends, humans to stand up when something is wrong.

This week Uganda made international news by outlawing female circumcision.  The same week America made international news with your story.  Nations around the world are shocked that this procedure is still occurring here and the global community is as  appalled that this is happening to you as many Americans are about female circumcision.

We may lose our fight for you, but today you stand as a  hero.  You stand as a  hero for protecting countless other boys from being violated.  You stand as a  hero for education, human rights, and the right to free speech.  Every little boy wants to be a  hero- you truly are one.  Change is often led by one or two people.  Today you and your Mama are leading that change.  Today you and your Mama will  go down in the history as future generations of Americans are appalled that we ever cut boys.

Today we pray, wait and won’t be silent.  Today we challenge the medical community, educate and cry.  Today protesters gather and the media shows up.   Today parents around the world are questioning what “we’ve always done”, parents are regretting decisions for their sons and vowing to protect future boys, and I am hugging my son as tight as I can hoping you get to feel your mama’s loving arms soon.  Today, and every day, we stand by your side and by the side of every other boy who didn’t get to share their voice.

Your voice matters Chase, your opinion matters, don’t let a bunch of misinformed people tell you otherwise.  When you’re old enough please advocate and educate.  Don’t let your story end here.  Don’t let the media coverage end here.  Let the world know your name when you grow up because you fought for what was right.  In the mean time we will stand in the gap for you as you grow up and as you cope with all the confusion, stress and chaos around you,

We love you Chase.  We won’t stop.

For those of you reading this who are unfamiliar with what’s going on- this is a summary of the story-


For those of you reading who think circumcision is a Biblical issue please read this-
and this
and this

and watch this
The circumcision that is done today is FAR from what was preformed in Biblical days and Christian’s don’t need to do it.  The article is super in-depth.  I used the think it was a spiritual issue- it’s a human rights issue.  Once I learned HOW circumcision was done I realized that it was incompatible with a loving, caring FATHER God.  A Father would never, ever ask his children to go through something like that.

For those of you reading who cut your boys because the doctor told you it would be best-
Advocate, be a voice and share your story.  Learn the complications of circumcision and hold your doctor accountable for any complications your son suffered (including breastfeeding issues!!)  Tell your son you are sorry someday and educate him to keep his future sons intact.  There are thousands of parents out there in your shoes.  Help prevent any more from joining you.  Many people have successfully filed lawsuits over circumcision damages.  Let future boys decide what they want to be done and not have a procedure forced on them.

For more knowledge, resources and to follow Chase’s story-



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