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Reducing My EMFs & Saying Goodbye to My Remaining Symptoms

Since 2009 when we started talking about trying to get pregnant, I have been vaguely aware of EMFs & the possible side effects related to them.  I didn’t keep my phone on my body while I was pregnant or use my belly to support my laptop.  I have always tried to keep my phone and laptop away from my child.  He’s pretty much been a screen-free kid anyway (he usually gets 1 hour to watch something every Friday).  In the last few months, and especially the last week, we’re making even more changes.

Alarming Research

In the last few months, I’ve felt strongly I needed to research more on EMF exposure, especially WiFi and Smart Meters, and work to reduce my exposure.  I noticed my hand and arm would tingle when I held my smartphone, my anxiety and irritability increased significantly the longer I was online, among other symptoms.  I have used a wired keyboard and mouse attached to my laptop for about a year after noticing something similar when I would type for an extended time on my Chromebook.  My arms would get cold and tingle and my Raynaud’s symptoms tend to increase if I’ve been touching a device recently.

Last week someone posted something in a Facebook group I’m on about FitBits and people experiencing side effects from them.  I have been leery of this technology since it was released and have stayed away from it.  The discussion was interesting with a number of people sharing personal experiences of damage and unwanted side effects associated with wearable technology and other EMF-emitting devices.  It led me to do more research on EMF/EMR exposure in this past week (I do think it’s ironic I had to spend time online researching).  

Someone in the group suggested the book The Electronic Silent Spring which I got from the library.  It’s a fascinating book which I read in two days.  It’s based on the book The Silent Spring from the ‘60s which initially revealed some of the dangers of pesticide usage.  The Electronic Silent Spring is full of accounts of people who have a sensitivity to WiFi/smart meters/ cell towers/ Bluetooth/ etc.  It also looks at the rapid increase in cancer in neighborhoods and schools with high levels of EMFs, common symptoms of issues with EMFs, and ways to help reduce exposure.

Constant, Chronic Nausea & Headaches

Is my cell phone making me sick?!?!

For about a decade I have suffered from 24/7 headaches and nausea.  Literally from the moment I wake up in the morning until I fall asleep at night I am nauseous and have a headache.  I’ve been in and out of doctor’s offices, chiropractic clinics, alternative care providers, etc.  This is the one thing no one seems to be able to help me with.  In the book, several accounts were listed of individuals with similar issues.  I also have other symptoms I haven’t been able to totally shake that I attributed to a residual from my thyroid disease (mainly joint pain, anxiety, restless sleep, and irritability).  

As I read the book it I found myself relating to many of the symptoms people were experiencing.  I believe I have a number of root causes to my health issues in the last few years including vaccine injury, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, excess stress and EMF exposure.  Many of these root causes can go together and/or lead to one another- I’ll never truly know the “why” and there’s not one reason behind why I got sick.   After finishing the book my husband and I sat down and thought through the times when I have been my happiest, healthiest self.  I’ve had a handful of times my headaches & nausea have gone away.  They have all been times when we’ve been on vacation staying somewhere without a WiFi network or camping in the mountains out of cell range.

May 2015, 20+ WiFi Networks at Home

In January of 2015 when my health crisis really began, we were living in a large apartment complex.  We had moved in May of 2014 but I wasn’t home often for that first year, we were mostly in Denver working and spending time with friends.  We got 20-30 different WiFi networks in our apartment!  I was given a device from a friend when I mentioned this to her that helped block some of the radiation, it helped me sleep a bit but didn’t seem to touch my other symptoms.   At the time I was attributing them to Hashimoto’s.  I will never truly know if it was Hashimoto’s & the WiFi was making me worse or if the WiFi triggered my Hashimoto’s to go out of control.  

We moved out of that apartment in May 2016.  As you know, we spent most of last summer traveling and staying with friends after my hubby got laid off.  I felt better in late June and July than I’d ever remembered feeling.  We were visiting family and they all remarked how well I was doing, when I returned my friends were all amazed by how great my health was.  I think part of this was due to being near the ocean, my body loves to be near the ocean.  Guess what else?  We stayed places either totally without WiFi or only one network and with poor cell service during that time.  When we moved into  our current home with 5-7 WiFi networks and smart meters my health crashed again in a matter of weeks and I was back in the ER.  

4 Day Experiment

I decided to do a short experiment with myself.  For 3 days we kept our phones on Airplane mode and I turned off WiFi on my computer as much as I could. We have roommates who live upstairs and control the WiFi and their phones, we didn’t ask them to make any changes- we were curious if we’d notice anything different just from our changes.   (We always turn off bluetooth) The majority of my work is web-based  but I can do a good portion offline.  I also spent as much time over those 3 days in places without WiFi or with minimal access to networks.  Guess what?  My nausea went almost totally away and my headaches decreased significantly they didn’t go totally away but they got much better.  My joint pain that plagues me almost constantly went totally away.

On day 4, I went back to my “normal” life with phone on, hanging out around home, WiFi on the computer, etc.  Both my husband and child remarked by breakfast that I was cranky & irritable.  I had anxiety before lunch and intense nausea with a mild headache.  In church on Sunday our pastor had everyone get out their phones to enter something in.  It was “day 2” and I got so antsy, irritable, and had such a bad headache I almost had to leave the service.  In just 4 days I have seen clearly that I am affected by WiFi signals and the smart meter on our home.  

I also noticed that by turning off the distractions while I worked my work was significantly more productive.  While I know the *best* option is to use a wired computer, this is not an option for me.  My computer does allow me to keep websites loaded and then turn off WiFi and still see those sites so I can do research that way.  It was an eye-opening experiment for a number of reasons.

What Now?!?!

After researching, I think nearly everyone is suffering in some way from too much EMF exposure.  Unfortunately no one is doing any safety research or regulation on WiFi, cell towers (5G makes a lot of people nervous), smart meters, wearable technology, etc.  We assume it’s safe because it’s available but no one can guarantee it is.  I work online and have this blog that I absolutely love.  

It is clear I have experience an autoimmune response to too much EMF exposure.  I love to write, I love my job…  

what do I do now???

My Plan

My plan until we move in the Airstream.

  • Continue my job and the blog with EMF protection in mind
  • Always keep our phones off or on Airplane mode, turn them on a couple of times of day outdoors to check for messages.  
  • Text more than talk using a stylus, if we talk we’ll use speakerphone
  • Turn off WiFi and write without it
    • I can use GoogleDocs offline which has a WordPress extension so it’ll upload right away!
  • Figure out which parks in town get the least WiFi networks and hang out there
  • Focus on grounding and maybe even sit in the park to write
  • Guard my child’s EMF exposure (childhood cancer rates go up drastically among kiddos who use EMF emitting technology & we notice significant behavioral changes when he gets screen time)
  • Continue with gentle detox practices

When we move into the Airstream:

  • We were already planning to NOT get the Internet because we didn’t want to be available 24/7 and wanted more of a work/home boundary
  • Being aluminum, Airstream’s actually block out EMFs better than homes- yipee!
    • Conversely, using technology IN the Airstream makes the EMFs more powerful, we’ll go EMF free
    • Facebook live videos outdoors- that will be lovely ❤ ❤ ❤
  • As we are able we’ll purchase a couple of items to help further shield EMFs
  • Hang a sign on our door asking guests to please leave phones in the car or on Airplane mode (plus, we’ll be able to truly enjoy one another’s company that way!)
  • If/when we go mobile we’ll pursue campgrounds without WiFi networks as much as possible.

What I need to figure out

  • If there’s a way to do image design on my Chromebook offline.  I use Canva almost every day for work so I need to see if I can find an alternative.
  • An alternative for Facebook live videos.  I’ll keep them short while we’re living in our current location since I’m already bombarded 24/7 with the WiFi networks but after we move in to the Airstream I’ll either do them outdoors or maybe record and then upload later on??

I don’t think total avoidance is what I need, I think better control and boundaries are what I need.    My careful diet, use of homeopathy, and lifestyle help to boost my system so I’m hopeful that by reducing my EMF exposure I can eliminate the last of these symptoms.  The only change you’ll probably notice will be with my Facebook live videos and I may be doing Instagram a bit less often.  

What about you?  Are you aware of, or concerned by EMF exposure?  What do you do to help protect yourself and your family?

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