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My AIP meals for the week of 7/6/2015

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We got to see an amazing hot air balloon show this weekend!
We got to see an amazing hot air balloon show this weekend!

Last Monday I posted my first “AIP meals” post here.  I am hoping to encourage those of you also following AIP as well as to share some of my go-to meals and recipes.  

This week is my first experience with eating out and camping on AIP! Check out what I ate below- 


Breakfast– Breakfast skillet (rainbow cauliflower, beets, and spinach cooked in bacon fat), fish broth
Lunch – Nori, salmon, fermented ginger kraut, coconut aminos (I made little sushi rolls)
Dinner– Chicken, nori and coconut butter on the go.  Beef broth


Breakfast–  Fermented ginger carrots, ground liver cooked in bacon fat, roasted dandelion root and chicory “coffee”, coconut butter.
Lunch– Beef broth, lettuce, chicken
Dinner  Chicken broth, fermented beet kraut, sweet potato fries, cherries


Breakfast Skillet cooked in tallow w/ butternut squash, beets, rainbow cauliflower and greens, chicken broth, herbal “coffee”, cherries
Lunch– Salmon, salad
Dinner– Chicken, broccoli, fermented beet kraut, raisins


Breakfast Ground beef with ground liver cooked in tallow w/ garlic, ginger, sweet potato and salad.  Beef broth, herbal coffee w/ coconut milk
LunchAIP sandwich thins, chicken, lettuce, fermented beet kraut, cherries (it’s so nice to be able to have sandwiches for lunches when I’m out!)
Dinner “sushi rolls” with salmon, nori, fermented beet kraut


Breakfast– Leftover beef and liver with leftover veggies (honestly I don’t know what all was in there since they all turned red from the beets.  I just put all my leftover veggies into a container)
Lunch– Salad, beef broth
Dinner–  OUT!! I got a local grass fed burger w/ avocado, red onion and some mushrooms- it was amazing!


Breakfast Chicken liver pate
Lunch–  Epic bar, greens, carrots, dried fruit (way too much dried fruit- oops!)
Dinner Chicken, beets, fermented beet kraut, salad, japanese sweet potato


Breakfast–  Stromboli– this is amazing… I want to eat it daily
Lunch OUT!! Salad at ModMarket w/ grilled chicken, sweet potato, dried coconut and oil & vinegar
Dinner I was not hungry at all- it was too hot!! I just had some grapes

I hope these will help my fellow AIP’ers with some recipe ideas!
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2 thoughts on “My AIP meals for the week of 7/6/2015”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try AIP for a while now, but it seems so overwhelming to get started! Seeing your meals makes it seem a lot less daunting. Are your husband and son eating the same meals as you, or do you have to cook separate for them? That’s one of the biggest things keeping me from making any big changes. It was hard enough getting them to go gluten free!

    Also, do you use conventional chicken livers for your pate?


    1. Hi Beth!
      My husband and son are not following AIP. They’re mostly Paleo anyway but haven’t gone full-AIP. My hubby makes all his own meals during the week anyway. On the weekends we’ve all been eating an AIP dinner but they’ll usually have some nightshades and nuts too. My son has been eating an AIP lunch or dinner with me a couple days a week too.

      I get chicken livers from a local chicken ranch (we actually have a chicken CSA with them). They’re from pastured soy-free chickens.


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