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Crunchy-Living 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase through one of these links I will receive compensation (at no additional cost to you).  This helps me to continue my blogging efforts and I greatly appreciate your support of my blog on this way.

The Holidays are right around the corner, we are anxiously awaiting our first Airstream Christmas 🙂 Space is, obviously, a premium for us these days.  Really all we’re hoping for are a few a few winter-weather items.   Since we moved in two months ago and virtually everything we have was brand-new I thought I’d share some of my top tips for gift ideas this year of things we’re loving.   We are extremely mindful of what we bring into our home and it took A LOT of work to source things that would be safe, eco-friendly, chemical-free, built to last, mold-safe, and we try to source things that are fair wage/fair trade and organic as much as possible.  I know a growing number of people who are having chemical sensitivities and discovering that they’re reacting to products they purchase, and the organic & fair trade movements are gaining awesome momentum.  

I thought I’d help you all out with this holiday gift guide sharing some of our favorite things that would make amazing gifts.  Whether you’re the crunchy one in the family wanting to introduce your loved ones to your world a bit more, or you have a crunchy loved one who is hard to shop for.  You’ll find something for everyone on my list today (even for the non-crunchies in your life.)

Almost everything on this list is fair trade or made in the USA, it’s all chemical-free & non-toxic, organic, many of the items on this list are also lifetime guarantee!

Candles are a classic gift.  You can never have too many of them.  The Beeswax Co makes beautiful, high-quality beeswax candles.  They’re handmade in Texas and are, hands-down the loveliest candles I’ve ever owned.  I’m ruined on any other candle for life 🙂 Beeswax not only burns cleaner but helps purify the air and lasts longer than most candles. Pair them with a salt tealight holder for a real Hygge experience and extra air purification, 

Cloth napkins–  Try these beautiful napkins from fluf.  They’re organic cotton and built to last.  They’re nice and thick, the perfect size and wash up nicely.  These would be an awesome gift even for the non-crunchy one in your life. 

Skoy dish scrubbing cloths…. Oh how I love these.  We handwash all our dishes and these get everything clean. European made, woman-owned business committed to sustainability.  These things last for months on end and wash up beautifully.  

Flat Diapers.  No, we don’t have a baby in diapers anymore but we still use these daily.  They are basically super-absorbent, soft cleaning cloths.   A lot of people embroider on them for gifts,  We love the organic, made in USA flats from Green Mountain Diapers.  Consider the half-size for a gift too!

A wet-bag.  These have SO many uses and should really be in everyone’s home.  They’re great for your dirty cloth napkins, flats, laundry, wet swimsuits, and more. Check out Thirsties brand, made right here in Colorado!

A growing number of small businesses are offering refills of their handmade toiletries.  If you live in the Denver area, check out Moondance Botanicals.  Their products have been favorites of ours for almost a decade and many a favorite gift has come from them.  

Refillable body-care from Moondance Botanicals!

Reusable food storage containers  Help your loved ones ditch the plastic and grab them containers from Wean Green.  Freezer & oven safe with leak-proof lids, these things are virtually impossible to break, trust me… we’ve been using these containers for years.

Pair the containers with a Hot Logic.  Put containers in full of food, plug it in and have a hot meal ready quickly without the harm of a microwave. You can even plug it into your car with an adaptor and have a hot meal when you arrive at your destination.

A New Wallet- Flowfold, an outdoor gear company, makes the best wallets we have ever found.  These things are USA-made, minimalist design, come with a lifetime guarantee and are extremely practical.  We both got their sailcloth wallets

Lifetime guarantee sailcloth wallet

An amazing body care brand is Tilvee products.  Made locally in Colorado, woman-owned & available nationwide, they have an incredible line of skin care products crafted with botanical and are totally free of chemicals, parabens & additives.  My personal recommendation is the Baby & Kid all-in-one balm for families with kids.  It’s a must-have in every home.   Even your non-crunchy girlfriends will flip head over heels for these products.

AusPen refillable dry erase markers.  No more throwing out old dried up markers, simply refil them.  Their starter kit would make an awesome teacher gift, gift for homeschoolers or gift for a business person trying to reduce their waste.  

No more throwing out dried up markers!

Hanky Books.  These unique products are basically a bunch of organic hankies sewn together in book format.  They are handmade in the US by a woman-owned business and come in loads of patterns to appeal to kids and adults alike.  This is definitely a stocking stuffer you want to make sure to grab.

Organic cotton clothing is significantly softer and lasts longer than conventional cotton.  Check out these brands:

Kasper Organics is a small woman-owned business who is extremely mindful of helping those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.  I especially love their hand-dyed clothing & we have a couple of their super soft blankets.  

Hand dyed with all-natural dye, organic cotton t-shirt from Kasper Organics

The Natural Clothing Company is another woman-owned business who have a carefully cultivated line of clothing.  My favorite socks & beanie hat came from here and so did my husband’s favorite polo shirt.  You’ll find casual and dress clothes here.

PACT apparel is a quickly growing brand who you can find at Whole Foods and some Target locations.  The have organic cotton fair-trade clothes for the whole family and have recently upped their children’s sizes through 5T .  (Use this link to save 20% off your PACT apparel purchase.)


Essential oils are a crunchy-living must have.  Barefut oils are low cost without compromising quality.  Independent tests have shown them to be equal in quality to the pricey MLM brands.  For Christmas gifts consider blends like We Three Kings, Christmas Blend or Winter Wonderland.  

Herbs, tinctures, natural soaps, oh my!  Butterfly Express is a go-to destination for homeopathic remedies, herbs, tinctures and so much more.  They also have several educational resources that the natural-living enthusiast in your life would love bundled up with some remedies.

Collagen and Gelatin are two products that are gaining popularity in the Paleo, WAPF and Cross fit world.  Perfect Supplements has hands down the best price for these products and they offer little To- Go packs perfect for stocking stuffers or as a gift for your loved one to have their products ready to go at work or school.

Be the hero of Christmas by giving your loved one organic cotton sheets.  You won’t believe how soft they are, and they keep getting softer as you wash them.  SOL Organics are extremely cost-effective organic sheets & they’re fair trade to boot.  Use this link to save an additional $25- I know your loved one will thank you (or splurge and get something for yourself, they’re doing an awesome 12 days of Christmas promotion right now!).

Jewelry is always a popular gift.  Check out the incredibly unique, sustainable and allergy-friendly jewelry from Enso rings.  They’re beautiful silicone rings at under $30  each for most. These would be a great stocking stuffer.

Don’t forget to check out Ebates if you’re ordering any of these products through a 3rd party.  We’re getting my son’s Christmas gifts for free thanks to our rebates from the last year through Ebates, Swagbucks, Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Receipt Hog. (the last 3 are grocery receipt discounts & digital coupons!)

Keep an eye on my Instagram for the next couple weeks where I’ll show pictures of all these products AND share kid ideas!

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