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People keep asking where we are at in terms of our cloth diaper stash so I wanted to give an update. We have enough to do laundry every other day at this point and have a pretty big variety. We are getting a diaper service for the first month so we don’t have to do so much laundry and so I can spend more time resting and enjoying my baby. We will need some more diaper covers before we start the diaper service. I’m planning to use the Thirsties brand duo wrap size one and some Flip by BumGenius if I can get some. The flips are one size and they have an organic pre fold insert that comes with them so we can use the diaper cover with our diaper service and then have the insert for later too. We are also planning to use Rumparooz and are hoping to get some more of those in some of the more gender specific types after the baby comes. We also have a few gDiapers that I got used from Craigslit that I’m planning to mostly use for travel. I would like to use organic whenever possible but its more expensive. I’m planning to post opinions and reviews once we’ve gotten to use more diapers. I’m really excited about cloth diapering and hoping to try several different kinds out.

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