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Tiny bits of healing

The day your child is born is a day that should be remembered with joy and excitement.

Unfortunately my son’s birth was extremely traumatic for all of us and two years later we are still healing from that journey.

I found great healing and comfort from going to therapy for several months.

I gained one of my best friends through our shared experience- I know we wouldn’t be so close had we not both had such similar situations and I think I’d do it all over again if I knew I’d gain her in the end.

Still, it was traumatic and I rejoice in tiny bits of healing that come along the way.  Today was one of those moments and I just had to share it with you all.

Today I pulled out the calendar I made for 2011 and on October, my son’s birth month, there is the classic post-csection picture of all of us still in our surgery room atire, me still tied to the table and not allowed to touch my child… I almost didn’t put this picture in the calendar because I knew I’d be forced to look at it every day for a month… I closed the calendar a few times that month.

We haven’t really shown our son those pictures or talked about his birth much so when we got to the page today I didn’t say anything wondering what he’d say.  He looked at the picture for a long time and then looked at me and said “I love you Mama” and made our secret sign for “I love you.”  He gave me a big hug and I told him I loved him too.  Then he pointed to the picture and said “My born, Mama sad, My love you big!”

Tiny bits of healing… this time coming from my amazing child himself.

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