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One Last School Night…

(I wrote this last night.  Some thoughts and reflections on the last two years of being a "school mom" with a chronic illness and of the start of our homeschool time)  We had Kindergarten graduation today.  The kids have one last day of school tomorrow.  Which means one last school night.  Maybe for a long… Continue reading One Last School Night…

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Montessori Mondays: School Days

(note- if you want to see the practical ways of how we are doing a home preschool right now scroll on down, the following is my backstory) Sometimes I feel like a big hypocrite.  I have worked with kids- especially birth- 2nd grade-  since I was 12.  I worked in a Montessori preschool for 6… Continue reading Montessori Mondays: School Days

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Montessori Mondays: You’re Montessori and AP?!?!

Before I was a parent I heard about Attachment Parenting and thought it was crazy.  Then I got pregnant and started learning more about it and thought it still sounded a but too extreme for me.  And then I held my precious baby in my arms and 25 months later we are DEFINITELY an Attachment… Continue reading Montessori Mondays: You’re Montessori and AP?!?!

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Montessori Monday: At the Table

One thing I always loved about working at the Montessori school was how tidy and well behaved the children were at meal time.  I knew I wanted to work on this with my own kids some day and here are some of the ways we've done that. Ever since J could sit at the table… Continue reading Montessori Monday: At the Table