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A Look Inside Our Homeschool: Volume 1, Language Arts

It has been a long journey since we moved out of the mold on June 6th. We have relocated 21 times and are finally in a long-term space. When we decided to homeschool this year, we had no idea what we’d be facing over the summer. I also could never have imagined how significantly homeschooling would help me! When we talked about the pros and cons of homeschool, the main Pro for me was that I could do school in about the same amount of time I’ve been spending in the carpool lane. Now I almost feel like I could spend the rest of the school year writing about how much homeschooling is help me, my health, my faith, and my mental well-being.

It has been so nice to have something else to focus on. At night I look over lessons for the next day, read homeschooling books and tell my husband what we’ve done. During our lessons I am learning too, developing better habits and time management.

My favorite subject has always been Language Arts. I wanted to be an English major in college and become a teacher or writer. I talked myself out of it because “I wouldn’t make a living writing” (I’ve spent the last several years making money writing, I love how God gives us our dreams in His time.) I think this is what attracted me to Charlotte Mason as well, if photo focuses on rich, beautiful literature and living books.

Today I’m starting a series looking inside our homeschool. I want to start with my favorite, Language Arts. Over the coming weeks, I’ll talk about each subject and how are approaching it, share resources and materials. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Our language arts curriculum is called the Good and the Beautiful. I selected it because it was FREE and totally focused on God. It has been amazing how much the title of this curriculum has impacted my life. Seeing “The Good and the Beautiful” everyday helps remind me to keep my heart fixed on good and beautiful things. When my thoughts wander during the day, I keep my mind fixed on this phrase.

What we love:

  • Charlotte Mason inspired- the curriculum doesn’t necessarily belong with any particular homeschool method but it is inspired by Charlotte Mason and any homeschooling approach could use it
  • Open and go- there is virtually no prep work for me other than cutting some things out. I do love to look ahead every few days but it’s not necessary.
  • Easy placement- there is an easy step-by-step assessment tool to help families figure out what level they need to begin at.
  • Short, thorough lessons- We do Language Arts for about 20 to 30 minutes each day.
  • Comprehensive- phonics cards, spelling, sight words, mini-books, short stories, poetry, faith, nature study and more are included.
  • Changes our hearts- we often discuss the things we covered in our lessons throughout the day. It has helped us focus on “good and beautiful” things all day long.
  • Beautiful pictures- We love the drawings, famous paintings and illustrations. They capture my son’s attention but aren’t twaddle and childish.
  • God focused- This curriculum is well written to work for many denominations and point us to God and appreciating Him, His wonderful world and blessings.
  • The name – “The Good and Beautiful,” just the name itself his help me retrain my brain and focus my thoughts during the last few weeks and the struggles with faced.
  • Confidence builder – character and confident skills have also been incorporated. My son is thriving with confidence and self esteem. He is tackling hard things.
  • The price – FREE sound good to anyone else?? Yes, it’s totally free to download and print on your own. They also offer other subjects for purchase.
  • GREAT community- There is a lovely, uplifting and thoughtful community on Facebook. On the group, people ask for advice share prayer requests, and encourage one another in their journey. The founder of the company is also quite involved and the company has wonderful customer service.

It has then a truly special time for both of us to share in homeschooling together, it’s provided consistency for us in our 6 moves since school started, my ongoing health battles and our journey processing our pain in suffering together. We’ve grown personally with this curriculum and are so thankful. Next school year, we hope to incorporate some of the other subjects they have.

Good and Beautiful has a special free book list download I would like to share with you. It’s a great way to get a little view of what a lovely program this is. I hope you’ll enjoy it and grab some of their curriculum at well. (Hurry, it’s only free through 11/11/2017)

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