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Montessori Monday- new classroom setup

My husband had been working an overnight job so we had all our homeschool stuff set up in the living room.  That way he could sleep in our son’s room during the day because it’s super quiet and the master is right on the same side as a busy road and it’s loud.  He’s working days again- horray!! So the bedroom is available.  We spent a couple hours last week setting everything back up again and I’m SO happy to have a better space.  We really struggled to get any school done in the living room. 

I wanted to show you all our room set-up and then I’ll show you how we use each item as part of Montessori Mondays.  

I’ve also left a whole wall empty for someday when we can do Montessori By Mom.  90% of what we use for homeschooling has been gifted, Freecycled or swapped.   With getting out of debt we don’t have the money for this yet but someday.  They send a Montessori themed box every month with lesson plans and all the supplies.  If you use  this link we each get $10 off. Hoping to be able to get it some day soon 🙂


Without further ado here’s what our school space looks like

photo 1
Story Cards, Brain Quest, Triangle Box, Pattern Work, Color Matching
photo 2
Math and Science works
photo 5
Reading and Writing works
photo 3
This table is painted with chalk paint. We use it for handwriting and art
photo 2
Warm up area with memory verse, sight words, word/ picture matching and writing area for practicing writing the Letter of the Week

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