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My AIP meals for the last couple weeks!

IMG_20160323_114914072After receiving many requests I’ve decided to start sharing my AIP meals with you all again.  I’m going to try a bit of a different format with photos and then include the recipes.  Let me know what you think of this format.

I am about 1 year in to AIP.  I’ve reintroduced a few things (raw milk, sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted almonds and a few seed based spices).  I also am still dealing with some issues with fructose so I don’t eat much fruit or FODMAP foods.  Hope these help some of my fellow AIPers and even those wishing to eat healthier to gain some ideas!

Most of these meals were actually done while we were traveling for Spring Break.  Make sure to visit me on Facebook for more AIP ideas (and Zero Waste/green living too!)

1Top left: Carrot Ginger Soup from Back to Basics Kitchen (an awesome local company that does many AIP friendly meals), Beelers brand bacon, roasted purple sweet potato with ghee, rainbow chard

Top right: Steamed Brussel sprouts with ghee, quick sauteed ground beef, kraut with burdock, ginger and carrot

Bottom left: Steamed broccolini with ghee, kraut with burdock, ginger and carrot, raw cream, chicken nuggets! (I dipped chicken breast chunks in melted schmaltz and then dipped them in to a mixture of cassava flour and the House Rub from The Healing Kitchen.  Then I sprayed them with olive oil and baked in the oven for about 30 minutes at 375.  They were awesome!)

Bottom right: Fried sardines (we fry them up in some tallow and they get really crispy), blueberries, lightly sauteed carrots and arugula, fermented sunchokes.


Top Left: Black radish chips! (These are our new favorite thing. Recipe from Chocolate and Zucchini.  I just used the olive oil and salt- none of the other ingredients)

Top Right: Same meal as above, my 5-year-old wanted you all to know he ate the same thing 🙂

Bottom Left: Lightly sauteed radishes, fried sardines, fermented mustard and peas with a bit of butter (I usually use ghee but occasionally do Kerrygold or Kalona butter)

Bottom Right-Chicken hashbrown casserole (inspired by this recipe but I baked them in my cast iron skillet like a pie to have on “pi day”), sauteed spinach, kraut with carrots, burdock and ginger.


Chicken wings!!!  (I used this recipe from The Bacon Mum as a guide but used THK’s House Rub for my spice blend and dipped them in schmaltz instead of the melted coconut oil.  They were incredible.  The carrot salad is from THK as well and a mixed green salad with homemade dressing (it’s just schmaltz, olive oil, ACV, salt and oregano).


What yummy meals have you had recently?  Anything you’d like to see me make?
Let me know in the comments below!  Happy Eating!


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