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Layoff Week 7

It's hard to believe we're coming to week 7 of the layoff.  We both assumed that my husband would find a job quickly.  After talking with others who have been laid off in the last couple years, that's not necessarily the case. He did have one offer.  Unfortunately, it was in Southern CA and the… Continue reading Layoff Week 7

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Welcome to Treehouse Daily!

Welcome to my new site- Treehouse Daily.  Why Treehouse Daily?  Simply put- we live in an apartment with a porch that is literally in the top of a tree.   It faces a stunning mountain views and the tops of trees for miles to come. Our family tells everyone that we live in a tree… Continue reading Welcome to Treehouse Daily!

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Why we are working SO hard to get out of debt

So anyone who has interacted with us even a little bit knows we're kind of crazy about Dave Ramsey.  His Financial Peace University and the book Total Money Makeover have completely changed our lives.  In the past we'd talked a little about trying to get out of debt but it was never really a big priority… Continue reading Why we are working SO hard to get out of debt