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Welcome to Treehouse Daily!

Welcome to my new site- Treehouse Daily.  Why Treehouse Daily?  Simply put- we live in an apartment with a porch that is literally in the top of a tree.   It faces a stunning mountain views and the tops of trees for miles to come. Our family tells everyone that we live in a tree and we absolutely love the view.  So, we’re inviting you in to our daily happenings in our little treehouse 🙂
Every day it’s different and we love seeing the changing of the seasons, the animals and the world from a different perspective.
Seeing life from a different perspective is really what my family is all about anyway.  You’ll notice as you purse this site that my life isn’t the life of a typical American.  I like to take a different path, push the norms and pursue new things.
This blog comes at the start of 2015 where my phrase for the year is “I am second.”  This phrase is so counter our culture isn’t it?  And yet, it’s what I desire for myself and for my son to learn.  I am an only child raising an only child and as only’s it is incredibly easy to get caught up in being self-centered, spoiled and always wanting all the attention to be on yourself.  Our culture does everything possible to reinforce this… aren’t we constantly bombarded with do this and then you’ll be happy?  Or buy this and be happy?  Taught from TV and movies that there are no consequences and no need to worry about others.  Even the Church in America frequently teaches others how to “come out on top.”

Therefore, “I am second”

I am second in my home- serving my family comes first.
I am second in my community- meeting the needs of others comes first.
I am second in my work- helping others and collaborating comes first.  
This also reflects the nonprofit my husband and I are hoping to start.  We are actively working on getting out of debt so that we can start a missionary and pastoral support and care nonprofit.  We want to help encourage them and build them up.  We want to give big gifts to support them, send them on nice trips away, provide free medical and mental health services, and help support positive change in our world.
So join me this year in discovering what it means to be second.

We’ll also have a lot of fun learning ways to save money, tips on being more green, some of my favorite DIY projects, what I’m doing in my Montessori-based homeschool, recipes, education, games, and more!!  

Welcome to Treehouse Daily- hope you enjoy a glimpse into our daily life in the trees 🙂

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