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Why we are working SO hard to get out of debt

So anyone who has interacted with us even a little bit knows we’re kind of crazy about Dave Ramsey.  His Financial Peace University and the book Total Money Makeover have completely changed our lives.  In the past we’d talked a little about trying to get out of debt but it was never really a big priority until our marriage group at church did FPU.

Everything changed and we instantly felt God telling us we needed to do this.  So we’ve been working very aggressively for about 14 months now towards getting out of debt.  Thanks be to God for a huge miracle we think we will be out of debt by my birthday in May or at least by hubby’s birthday in July.

However, not everyone knows WHY we are working so hard at this.  There are a number of reasons:

  1. First and foremost.  We believe being in debt is bad stewardship.  God gives us our money and asks us to make the most with it.  Paying towards debt and interest every month is not good use of money.  That money could be capitalized and used to help so many people instead of just paying the minimum payments every month and getting by.  Here are some scriptures concerning money.
  2. We want to create a better future for our son.  This is NOT meant to be a knock towards our parents in any way.  Our parents both did an incredible job raising us and did what they felt was best for us and we’re incredibly grateful.  They’re also part of the generation that was initially taught that credit cards were awesome and student loans were fine.  More and more people my age are deciding that this is not the path they want their children on… and many people in my parents’ generation are regretting being influenced that way.  We don’t want our son to spend the first 10 years or more that he’s our of college trying to pay off college.  We don’t want him to put off having a family because of finances.  We don’t want him to have to rent for the first 10 years of his marriage because he’s paying of college and trying to find a stable job.  The economy is rocky right now largely because of all the debt people are in.  We want our son to be wise with his money, tithe well, give generously, live comfortable and be debt free.   Following the 7 baby steps from Dave Ramsey will allow him to do this and it will bring us so much joy to see!!
  3. God has a unique calling for us.  Our entire marriage God has been forming a vision for a missionary care and support ministry.  We have always talked about it but the fuel really started burning for it as soon as we started working towards our debt.  The closer to being out of debt we get the more vision the Lord gives us and the more excited we get.  He has told us that once we’re out of debt we’ll receive more of a vision and more actionable steps.  However, we know for certain that this is a ministry that the Lord wants us to start completely debt free so that it’s not taxing on our personal finances and that we will maintain with no debt.  We also believe that we will be spending some time serving as missionaries ourselves.  This is huge.  We have lots of people praying for us.  Writing this makes me feel equally excited and sick to my stomach because change is really hard for me and this has been almost 10 years in the making of a vision for us and we’re closer than ever to it.  Like I can taste it.  Like get me started talking about it and I’ll just keep talking and talking.  We want to serve. We want to love.  We want to go back here and serve with one of our good friends.  We want to go back to Romania with Global Hope and see our kids again and go to their other projects around the world.  We want to help people who have been sold into slavery and help the people who are working with them get better resources. We want to work with missionaries around the globe and help meet needs, manage emergency situations, send care packages, help their kids transition to college, provide respite, set up free counseling/doctors/dentists/massages.  I could go on and on.
  4. We want to maximize our finances.  We pay almost as much in debt every month as we pay for our rent… We’re very simple people and want to keep living in a small, simple home.  We don’t want to get out of debt for ourselves.  Really the only thing that will change when we’re out of debt will be a 10-20% increase in our grocery budget and a little extra money every month to go out to eat a couple times a month and some “fun” money.  I don’t shop hardly ever.  I buy my clothes at thrift stores.  We want to save for retirement, and for our son’s college.  And mostly we want to give money away.Our vision has always been:


To write the checks that make people cry.


  • We’ve gotten two of those checks in the past and been able to write a couple very small ones. It’s amazing… that’s our vision.   That’s what keeps us going every day.  That is what makes living on an extremely tight budget worth it.  What keeps me from getting frustrated when I just want to buy something fun and new or go out to dinner.  To someday be able to write checks and fill needs that seem impossible.  To change lives and partner with people who are changing the world and bringing the Kingdom to people.  

We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a powerful and profound way.  In a way He is uniquely crafting us for each and every day.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us, love us, encourage us and share your stories.  

We’ve had SO many friends come to us and tell us they’re working on their debt because of us.  We have been teaching others and sharing our stories as much as we can.  If you want to know more- please ask.  If you want help getting out of debt we would love to walk alongside you.  If you need help budgeting or with accountability- we’re here.  It’s an exciting journey and we can’t wait to share the rest with you!!

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