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Layoff Week 7

It’s hard to believe we’re coming to week 7 of the layoff.  We both assumed that my husband would find a job quickly.  After talking with others who have been laid off in the last couple years, that’s not necessarily the case.

He did have one offer.  Unfortunately, it was in Southern CA and the pay wasn’t enough for us to live off of so we had to turn it down. It was hard to turn down- the job was in the same town a lot of our family lives in and had the potential for increase.   Without relocation expenses or the immediate ability to live off the income we painfully had to say no.

Life has been crazy busy in the last 7 weeks.   God’s not letting hubby have a relaxing lay-off time.  He’s staying busy and distracted!  While we were living on the farm my hubby was basically working full time there.  We all loved it.  If we didn’t need to make money we would just work full time helping people out on their farms and at home.  We keep saying we would we could just get paid to be full-time helpers… I guess that’s partially our long-term goal of the non-profit… just need to get this pesky debt paid off!

After our farm time was done we went out to my folks in Northern CA.  We had a few items from our downsizing that they wanted so we took the chance to drive those items out to them.  It was a fun trip, got to see a friend from our Romania mission time and he applied for a few jobs out there too… no bites yet.  He spent a lot of time researching jobs and trying to figure out some good virtual work and passive income.

He’s applied for so many jobs.  About a job a day since he got laid off.  “They” keep saying that the economy and job market are better- after 7 weeks I’m not so sure I believe it.  For the time being, I alternate between being thankful and being stressed.  We have been SO busy and the next couple weeks are going to be full of unpacking/downsizing/back-to-school/farm work.  It’s been nice to have him around to help and I wouldn’t be nearly as happy or relaxed if I was doing all this alone.

However, we need to make money.  Darn money.  We’ll hopefully make some good money selling things from our “Great Airstream Downsize”… we were kind of amazed when we got back in to our storage space to see how much stuff we have- eek!!! Mostly I’m nervous about downsizing my kitchen items.

Before the layoff, we’d been trying to find something in a warmer climate.  Now that we’re back in CO and we’ve gone through this layoff and acquired our beautiful airstream… we kind of want to stay here.  We’re being so covered in love by people here, my kid is about to start Kindergarten at his awesome Montessori charter school and lots of people are interested in seeing the Airstream and what we’re going to do with it.

For now, we wait to see what God is going to provide for us.  We pray and take it one day at a time.   We cry when we need to cry and we say “thank you God that hubby is unemployed right now” a lot more often.  We job hunt and job hunt and job hunt.

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