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51 bins down to 7

In the Spring, we met a full-time Airstreaming family of 5.  They were staying at the campground near our home and we happened to be passing by and saw them.

The Mom commented they kept purging more in each new city they went to.  Then the Dad said

“It would have almost been easier to get rid of everything and start from scratch as we needed things.”

That stuck with me all these months and now here I am, basically doing just that.  

All we have left from our kitchen are a few pots and pans, some mason jars, water bottles, a Pyrex baking dish, our Berkey and the Blendtec we got right before we moved (so we’re hoping it’s safe). Other than that all we have are essential oils, jars of herbs, a few supplements I’m hoping are safe enough to keep, and a couple bulk jars of products for DIY body care products.  We also have a few bins of keepsake items we’ll leave sitting in storage for a few years while the mold spores die off or we become more capable of handling them.

That’s all we’re starting out with.  We have an extremely short wish list with a couple toys, some basic home items and we’ll get super minimal wardrobes.  We’ll replace the absolute basic necessities before we move in and then we’ll see what we need.  There’s always a silver lining, always a blessing… I’m finally at the point now where I can start to see some of them.

We started with 51 bins, they’re stacked double or triple deep in the back there


This is what we have left from our old lives.  The bins on the right will sit in storage for as long as necessary for us to be able to interact with them without getting sick.  The clear bins are mostly food and herbs in glass jars we’ll use up in the coming weeks before we move in.  We also have our Berkey, blender, a pot and a pan that aren’t pictured. The shoes will stay outside of the Airstream and never come in.  Basically, only 3 of these bins will even come into our home.


I feel like it might be interesting to people to see what it’s like for us to start from scratch.  I also am feeling like it’s been really nice to see who has been reaching out to support us and help us.  Since my hubby was unemployed for so long and I’ve mostly been too sick to work much this past year, we don’t have the money to be replacing all these things.  We shared a wish-list a few weeks ago on Facebook and it’s been really neat to connect with old friends who have come forward to help us.  

Some days it feels frustrating and lonely because it feels like we’re stuck at the mercy of others & other days it feels like getting a bunch of virtual hugs.  

Rebuilding from scratch is scary, especially on a super restricted budget.  It’s also been an incredible way for us to see some miracles in action & to re-evaluate and think about what is truly important and meaningful to us anyway.  

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