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I’m so excited to share this with you!!!

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I LOVE The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  I purchased it a couple years in a row and then became an affiliate last year.

This bundle provides me with reading material and new recipe ideas all year long (over 70 eBooks).  Plus it comes with some amazing bonus offers.  The bundle is better than ever this year and I’m loving it already!  I purchased this as soon as I could and have been diving in this week and am so excited to share it with you.

First of all- the bonus offers.  These in and of themselves are worth the purchase price even if you never touch an eBook.  Over $200 worth of courses and free products.  I have personally been using TriLight products for years now and am thrilled to see them involved again this year.  I also LOVE Once A Month Meals for my batch cooking adventures and am really excited about the set of 3 FREE essential oils from Plant Therapy (you all know how I love my oils!!)

The Essential Oil component of this bundle is HUGE this year.  All of this plus 3 FREE oils from Plant Therapy ($22.92 value ) and a FREE Essential oil webinar for anyone who purchases by the end of the day today!

As far as the Ebooks go I am most excited about:

The DIY Guide to Kocktails- This book features mocktails made from kombucha. I’ve been missing having cocktails since beginning AIP and there are some really yummy sounding recipes in this book.

We All Scream for Ice Cream- This is a totally AIP friendly ice cream book.  I was thrilled to see “Autoimune Paleo” on the cover of this book!

Zero Waste Cooking- I still hope to be Zero Waste within a year and I have really been wanting some more creative zero waste ideas for my kitchen. 

Live Pain Free- exercises for pain reduction- I deal with a lot of joint paint from my Raynaud’s Disease and have gotten lax about exercising so this will be great for me. 


There’s also all these great books about natural remedies

and tons of Paleo and Real Food resources


This year the bundle creators have also included a really neat Quick Start guide and a 6-10 week email series that takes you through any of the topics you’re interested in to help you break it all down into more manageable steps to create positive and healthy change in your life.

You can share any of the ebooks you won’t use with a friend and bless them on their healthy living journey too!

Sounds great, right?  This amazing bundle is only available until the 14th so make sure to take advantage of it now (it also includes a 30 day money back gurantee)!


Please be aware that this post contains affiliate links.  Should you make a purchase through one of these links the price is no different and I receive a small commission.    I am extremely grateful for your support in this way!

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