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First Magnesium Update

Wow!!  Where do I even begin to say what a difference the magnesium is already making?  I’m taking it orally twice a day and then I also made a batch of this body butter that I *try* to put on daily (tomorrow I’ll be making a batch with 1/2 the amount of magnesium oil for my son as this full amount was a bit much for him).   I love it because it helps me get my magnesium and coconut oil at once! It’s making a HUGE difference.  In fact- I actually left my Natural Calm down at my in-laws a couple days ago and haven’t gone back to get it and my symptoms are all returning.  But- I’ll share the good with you because I’ll have the supplement back tomorrow!

Within about 48 hours I noticed my “brain fog” was pretty much gone.  I’m thinking more clearly and able to multitask and manage things better than I have in years.  I’m sleeping SO much better and so is my son.  He typically is a frequent night waker and when he’s had some magnesium he has only been waking once.

I made the body butter because I had initially gotten just the magnesium oil and the first time I put it on within about 30 seconds my skin felt like it was on FIRE and it was covered in an angry red rash.  Seriously it was more painful than my reactions when I have wheat and I was convinced I was having a severe reaction and needed to go to the ER.  My throat wasn’t closing up though so I just got into the shower and washed it all off.  After I got out of the shower I covered myself in my all-time favorite product Tilvee (literally I use this on and all skin issues) and drank a ton of water and rested.  Then I looked it up online and apparently when you’re extremely deficient in magnesium this is a common reaction because your body basically freaks out that it’s finally getting what it needs.  SO I made the body butter and that’s working wonderfully and is amazing for this dry climate.

The other big thing I’ve noticed is a HUGE HUGE HUGE decrease in anxiety.  Like it’s almost gone.  Crowds have always been a big trigger for me and yesterday I took my son to a Broncos rally with hundreds of other people.  After being there for about an hour and a half I realized I wasn’t even in the least bit anxious whereas just a few weeks ago I probably would have had a panic attack, been slamming rescue remedy, felt dizzy and had to hide in the bathroom or back of the store for a while.  I’m also noticing my anxious thoughts are significantly decreased- I have the tendency to create these ridiculous scenarios in my mind and convince myself they’re going to happen and make myself sick over it….. that hasn’t been happening AT ALL.  It’s been years that I’ve been doing this.

When I took the magnesium supplement in the past it was just a cheap Target one and I didn’t notice much of a difference but now- wowie!  My husband has made multiple comments and so has a friend.  I feel much more patient with my son and am rolling with the punches of life much easier these days.

Let’s go through my list of symptoms again from my original post and see what’s changed (what they had been is bolded, current is in pink):

Aggression- regularlyBarely any
Anorexia or loss of appetite- Not anorexia but my appetite has been LOW- None
Back pain- daily- Decreased
Body odor- no- No change
Confusion, brain fog- daily- Barely any
Constipation- daily- None
Coronary spasms- occasionally- None
Cravings for chocolate- constantly- None (this is huge- I craved chocolate all. the time)
Difficulty swallowing- occasionally- None
Exhaustion from exercise- occasionally- None
Fatigue- daily lately- A bit
Growth retardation or “failure to thrive”- I’m small…- No change
Hyperactive reflexes- regularly- Still some
Impaired memory and cognitive function- regularly- Occasionally 
Impaired muscle coordination (ataxia)- occasionally- Some
Insomnia- frequently in the last few weeks- None
Irregular or rapid heartbeat- frequently lately- None
Insulin resistance- not sure- Not sure
Involuntary eye movements- regularly- None
Irritability and anxiety- started out minor and now almost daily- None
Muscle cramps, twitches- occasionally- None
Muscle weakness, fatigue- just in the last few weeks- None
Nausea and vomiting- lately- None
PMS – including menstrual pain and irregularities- monthly- Minor
Seizures- no
Spasms- no
Stiff and aching muscles- daily- Very minor
Tics- no
Tremors- no
Vertigo- yes- None (I even got up on a ladder at work and did several things with no issues!!!)
I would say that’s a huge difference!!! I’m looking forward to getting my supplement back tomorrow as yesterday I was feeling pretty “foggy” and today I’m feeling SUPER “foggy” and tired.  We didn’t sleep well last night either.  I’ll keep you all updated in the coming weeks!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a medical professional.  I simply have done an extensive amount of research and consultation with medical professionals in my community.  I’m passionate about healthy living and encourage everyone to do their own research and always consult with your physician or medical professional prior to any changes in your health routine.

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