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Changing of the Seasons

I haven’t written in a while.  To be honest I get depressed in the winter… I isolate myself and get blue when it’s cold and snowy.  Not to mention the fact that we’ve been super busy and my son has been battling sickness for about 2 months now!  Ugh… I get in this cycle where I end up totally overwhelmed and shut off to the world for a while.

And then Spring comes…

We walked home from the bus last night for the first time in a few weeks after work.  It was amazing.  My walk home from the bus is mostly along an open space park.  Last time we walked it was cold, I was crabby and wanted to get home.  Last night we took our time.  Birds were singing, children were out playing trying to get in the last rays of sunshine before another school week, people were out walking dogs, and there were flowers everywhere.

It really got me thinking about how quickly things can change from what we perceive to be negative into something beautiful.  I hate the snow… a lot… every winter I say that I never want to spend another winter somewhere it snows.  And we’ve had a TON of snow lately-  Now all of that has melted and it’s perfect outside- the grass is green, trees are budding, animals are reappearing…

One of my favorite worship songs has a line that says “winter is past and the springtime has come”- we often live for the springtime be it literal or an abstract spring… a change in our hearts or our lives.

The promise of a better day.

Hope that the sunshine will return to warm our skin, birds will sing again and nature will reawaken as it always does.

In the midst of the winter, it is awfully hard to remember that this will happen again, the seasons will turn as they always do.  I usually let myself get down and often snuff the last little bit of hope I have.  I let myself believe it will always be winter…

… and then…

Spring shows up again and life keeps moving forward toward better, brighter days.

This season is really striking for me this year.  Getting out of debt has been hard and long- lonely and frustrating and yet it will be so worth it.  I’m awaiting our spring time of weekends together as a family, vacations and actually getting to eat dinner together again.

The literal change of the seasons has given me a renewed hope for the changing of seasons in my family.  God is taking care of us and providing for us in literally miraculous ways.  Our seasons will change and a new leaf will bud little by little.

For now, I’m just going to embrace Springtime and get outside as much as I can, plant my container garden and start reaching out to friends more often.

What does Spring mean for you?

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