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Moving!…. Wait- what?!?!?

So… a funny thing happened last weekend.  We found out we had to move this weekend.


Not fun news!!  I don’t like moving, at all, we’ve lived 6 places in the 7 years we’ve been married and had hoped to stay here until we were able to buy our own place.  Not gonna happen.

My son’s been sick on and off since February.  He’s had all kinds of upper respiratory issues and was starting to develop asthma-like symptoms and eczema.  We’d been in and out of the doc and tried several different holistic remedies to no avail.  When Monday last week his doc suggested maybe it was something environmental and asked if there was a chance we had a mold or dust problem in our apartment.  Instantly we looked at each other and said “mold”.  The apartment upstairs from us had a leak in the bathroom and we think it has molded in the wall.  The wall condition has continued to deteriorate from the time of the leak and we think it’s molding.  So we got a mold test-kit at ACE and it grew all kinds of things.  We moved him out of the bedroom and into the other room and shut that door.  This week his condition has improved quite a bit already and we’ve been busy packing.  We move tomorrow!

The great part about this is that we’re moving into a house !!  It’s just a rental because as those of you who follow this blog know we’re working on getting out of debt and want to put 50-100% down when we buy a house.

The house is quite a bit smaller than our apartment but has a nice, big storage shed and a yard.  We’re thrilled.

This move has also meant I needed to rapidly finish getting rid of things since I didn’t do a great job completing my Lenten Discipline of getting rid  things in our apartment.

A couple months ago I got rid of about 150 items of clothing.  This week I got rid of another 70+.  My husband got rid of about 100 items, we cut my son’s wardrobe in half, got rid of about 1/3 of our son’s toys (mostly plastic toys), purged a lot from our kitchen, and got rid of 11 pieces of furniture… yes- I said 11.  Need proof?  Here’s pics of all we’ve gotten rid of (one dresser is missing a pic, there were 2 matching lamps):


That’s a lot of stuff we cleared away!  When we moved in to this apartment a year ago we had more clothes than hangers.  I packed up about 30 empty hangers to bring with us and this is my pile of empty ones to give away:

And this is the pile of the 3rd round of closet purging we’ve done since our quest towards more simplicity this year:
My son said it was a mountain and was crawling on it.
And I’ve got to tell you- simplicity feels good!  My husband and I now share a dresser and my son has one small two drawer dresser for his things.  We are ready for our “Little House on the Prairie  in all it’s 750 square food glory.  And as awesome and amazing as our neighbors are and as much as we love this apartment complex we are REALLY excited to have our own walls the week before our 7th Anniversary!


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