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50 Reasons My Toddler Might Be Nursing (it’s not just for nutrition people!)

I read this post the other day titled “46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might Be Freaking Out”… I thought it was both hilarious and totally accurate and it got me thinking about toddlerhood.

My son is 2 and 1/2.  The “terrible twos” are about halfway over and so far they haven’t really been that terrible.  I’ve worked around A LOT of two year old and seen lots of kids who had a tough two… and lots of kids who had a much easier two.  Temperament of the child obviously plays into this but I think it largely boils down to 2 things:

1- Parents are not setting their toddlers up for success in an adult world and it makes them FRUSTRATED!
2- Toddlers are being weaned too early.  God designed kiddos to nurse longer (if you would have told me that 3 years ago I would have laughed at you… parenthood, research and knowledge changes things!).  God also designed kids to use nursing as a coping skill.  It’s absurd to expect a child to wean before 2.  They just are not designed for it and it makes being a parent a lot more difficult with a toddler.
My LLL leader says nursing is the only parenting skill you need when your children are young.

He’s mad? He nurses.

He’s sad? He nurses.

He’s not listening?  He nurses (Hello captive audience!!!)

Kids typically will no self-wean before 3-4 years old.  If your kiddo seems to have weaned early keep offering… it will make your toddlerhood SO much easier to just snuggle up and nurse.

So inspired by the above post here are :

50 Reasons My Toddler Might Be Nursing
(these also apply to babies although it’s not always as easy to identify what the baby is feeling… babies pretty much should nurse for everything… 🙂
  1. He’s hungry (obviously…)
  2. He’s sad
  3. A friend won’t share
  4. Mama just got home
  5. He misses Dada
  6. A friend just left
  7. He’s lonely
  8. He is bored
  9. It’s hot outside
  10. There was a loud sound
  11. He’s tired
  12. He got hurt
  13. His tummy hurts
  14. He is scared
  15. Mama asked him to do something he doesn’t want to do
  16. He’s frustrated
  17. The grownup world is confusing
  18. There is a new person around
  19. We went to a different place
  20. He’s working on teeth
  21. He is having growing pains (did you know breastmilk actually contains something to help relieve pain?!?!)
  22. Mama is getting ready to leave
  23. He’s plugged up
  24. He has a cough
  25. He’s thirsty
  26. That kid over there looked at him
  27. A friend hit him
  28. Someone got to close to him
  29. He wants my attention
  30. He can tell Mama is sad (oxytocin releases make Mama and baby happier)
  31. Company just left and he misses them
  32. The bug flew too close by
  33. A cat walked by him
  34. The food was too spicy
  35. The food was too sweet
  36. The food was too salty… you get the idea
  37. He saw someone else nursing and thought it looked like a good idea
  38. The baby that was visiting was getting too much of Mama’s attention
  39. Mama just got done working
  40. He’s been playing too hard
  41. He’s cold
  42. The sun got in his eyes
  43. A friend told him no
  44. He bumped his knee, head, elbow, chin, etc.
  45. The toy won’t do what he wants it to do
  46. He can’t throw the ball far enough
  47. Mama won’t buy him a new toy
  48. He wants to feel tiny again
  49. Dada went away on an overnight at work
  50. He needs snuggles, comfort and love!!

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