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Raw Milk…. yumm!!!!

In my last post I mentioned a little bit about Raw Milk and wanted to share some more info on it today.

First of all- I think a lot of you are probably confused because at one time we were dairy free.  Why the switch?  It all started with a chat with my good friend Rebecca who said they drink raw milk.  I had no idea what raw milk was or where to get it.  She gave me more info and we did a ton of research for ourselves and decided it was a switch that was right for our family.

Here is some of the basic info for you- we’d highly encourage you to try it out and if you want to sample some of ours let us know!

  • In Colorado (any many other states) the sale of raw milk is illegal.  ILLEGAL?!?!?! Yes, buying milk is illegal… gotta love FDA regulations… I have found various reasons for why it’s illegal and I’m not really sure which one is accurate.  But you can buy it in Colorado if you own the cow.  The cow can be boarded and milked by the dairy and you just pay a Cow Boarding Fee and then you get your milk!!
  • Raw Milk is basically just milk that has not been pasterurized.  Your Grandparents and Great Grandparents knew it as “milk” and it came from their own cows.
  • Pasteurization kills pathogens found in milk but it also destroys the enzymes that help our bodies digest milk- 80% of people who are  “lactose intolerant” can handle raw milk with no problems.
  • Raw Milk is also higher in B vitamins and in vitamin C (Raw Milk in the summer contains more vitamin C than a glass of OJ!!!)
  • Only milk from Grass Fed cows should be consumed as Raw Milk- other types of feed can bring about some of the illnesses that the media likes to hype up in Raw Milk
  • You are more likely to get sick from the genetically modified foods that are taking over our market than you are from Raw Milk
  • Raw Milk has been shown to help fight cancer, joint problems, chronic ear infections, asthma, allergies and more!
  • Raw Milk tastes AMAZING!!!!!!! I was shocked with how delicious it is- yummy!!!

We decided to get our milk through a local dairy.   We get half a gallon a week but plan to upgrade to a gallon a week with Christmas money- it’s pricey but so worth it.  I have a lot of joint pain and after only a month I notice a big difference.  My son has dairy issues but can do raw milk with no problems at all and he loves it!!!

More info can be found at and

Let us know if you have other questions.

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