Pregnancy Book list

I have been doing A LOT of reading before this little baby arrives. I thought I’d share my book list so far:

  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth- I absolutley LOVED this book!!! I got it at the library and think it will soon become a part of my permanent collection. Ina May is an internationally known midwife and this book is full of birth stories from women she’s worked with. The second half of the book is a practical guide to pregnancy and childbirth for those in birthing centers, home births, and hospitals
  • The Eco-Nomical Baby Guide- This book is full of lots of great green and in-expensive tips for pregnancy and raising baby. The authors each spent around $1000 in the first year of their babies lives… most people spend close to $16,000 (that doesn’t include birthing fees!!!!!)!!!! YIKES!!!
  • Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green- Raising Baby Green is a great book for people who haven’t been living much of a green lifestyle prior to pregnancy. I didn’t learn a whole lot from it but still enjoyed looking at it. Feeding Baby Green, however, is full of lots of interesting information on how what you eat during pregnancy will affect baby’s eating habits for it’s entire life and has lots of good recipes!
  • The Complete Organic Pregnancy- This book is great because it’s divided up into three sections- pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and baby life. I actually learned a lot from this book and they have lots of websites and book references as well.
  • The Baby Sleep Book- This is a Dr. Sears book… everyone apparently loves this man and I’m starting to get on the Dr Sears bandwagon as well. This will be one I will get from the library again once baby arrives, I just did a quick read through of it the first time I got it. He has great information on how babies sleep and different places and ways for them to sleep.

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