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GF Resources and my meals from last week!

A friend of a friend was just diagnosed with celiac. This is such a TOUGH tansition and seems so overwhelming at first. However, once you get used to it you don’t really think about it much anymore. I don’t really think about how different my diet is until I try to eat at a non-GF friendly place. Here are some of my FAVORITE GF things. Followed by the list of the meals I had this week 🙂 Email me at if you want recipes.

My favorite products:
Lundberg farms
Bob’s Red Mill
Pamela’s Products
The absolute BEST GF stuff you can get is Udi’s It doesn’t taste GF at all!!
Rheinlander Bakery

Glutino brand is not great. I wouldn’t really recommend most of their stuff. I’ve also found most of the Arrow Head Mills GF stuff to be kind of grainy. Vitamin Cottage has the best GF selection and they have bulk GF pastas as well.

GF blogs: – TONS of crock-pot GF recipes

My meals:
Red beans and rice
Cornish game hens with rice and veggies
Thai bean noodle salad- my FAVORITE… made this twice!!!
Chicken burritos
Costa Rican Tilapia with Tostones
Quinoa Pilaf

Yum Yum! Happy Eating 🙂

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